Importance of Homework Writing

Importance of Homework Writing
The psychological studies show that if students whose abilities are below the average, spend on homework only 1-3 hours per week, their results are consistent with the results of average students who do not do their homework.
If the average level students spend on the homework 3-5 hours per week, their achievements become comparable to the achievements of the most capable students who do not do your homework.
Homework writing plays a huge role in the development of independent learning skills of pupils. Systematic doing the homework leads to the fact that the learning process does not burden the student, he gets the information retrieval skills, learning to do the job and in time.
Homework performs different functions.
One of the main functions is to align the knowledge and skills of the child, especially in the case when he has been ill for a long time and missed a lot of information.
The second function of homework is to stimulate students' cognitive interest and desire to know as much as possible on the subject or topic. In this case, an enormous, positive role played by differentiated homework.
The third function of the homework is the development of learner autonomy, his perseverance and responsibility for doing the tasks.
Sometimes parents, wanting to help their child to overcome difficulties in studying, try to help him with homework writing. They write essays, correct mistakes, solve problems, thus they deprive the child of pleasure from his own achievements. Help from the parents does not generate independent thinking, responsibility for assignments and, eventually, often corrupt student.
Why is it so important to do the homework?
First, it is important to do the homework because children learn from different teachers. Each course has its own specific requirements for homework. If the student does not know them, if they are not assimilated, he is faced with great difficulties, which affect his academic results, and his physical and emotional condition.
Secondly, the actual content of the homework is aimed at developing the ability to reason, analyze, and make own conclusions.
Developing the ability to judge in all students in the classroom is a thankless and unrealistic exercise. Use your brain to thinking must be taught by a well-organized domestic labor. Development of mind, the ability to think are independently formed and perfected in the course of individual development of mental culture of the era.
Homework writing is an important activity, but if you have any difficulties, you can always ask specialists for help.

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