How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research PaperIn different references you cam find different advice on how to write a research paper. Here you can read about the experimental research program in political science. The purpose of a good program is to enable the highest possible degree of certainty to determine the effects of one variable on another. Research programs let you do it, making it possible to some extent control the conditions under which the interaction variables. Such control is a key concept for the program. If after adding a new animal feed ration some animals on the farm get sick, the farmer can not be sure that the cause of the disease is just new foods, because at the same time, animals can suffer from many other factors (such as insecticides in drinking water). On the other hand, if a medical research lab found that after the introduction of new forage in the diet of an unusually large percentage of sick animals observed, the researcher can be more confident that the cause of the disease - the new feed, since in this situation it is possible to control the conditions of the studied animals ensure that the process of observation, they are not exposed to any other new factors. Environment, in which the researcher works, as opposed to farm conditions, allows partial control.
Research programs can be classified by the degree of control they provide. The main difference is interest to the politician, - the difference between the experimental and quasi-experimental programs.
Experiment is a classic way of scientific proof. It is based on the assumption that changes in the value of one variable cause changes in the value of another variable (for example, temperature changes cause changes in viscosity). The experiment allows us to test this hypothesis by exposing objects that can detect the dependent variable, the impact of the independent variable in giving us some confidence that any observed change in the dependent variable is the result of changes in the independent variable.
For elementary experimental research program requires an experimental group consisting of individuals who would be subjected to an independent variable, or stimulus, and a control group of individuals that are similar to the experimental group in all material respects, but not be exposed to the stimulus.
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