Research Papers

Research Papers
Practically all kinds of papers, including research papers, have empirical or experimental methods chapter, which is devoted to the description and presentation of the empirical results of the research, methodology or applied work that has been done by the student. This chapter should also have a title that reflects its content.
In research studies, this chapter introduces the reader the verification procedure of the experimental hypotheses, tests the truth of the proposed theoretical constructs, and the results obtained here. In methodological studies in which hypotheses explicitly missing chapter describes the activities carried out by selection of empirical indicators to verify or improve the reliability and \ or the validity of the developed, refined by, or comparable methods. In applied research, in which hypotheses are also not available, this chapter commits to the procedures for solving practical problems, obtained in this process results. In this case, the chapter of research papers also contains an assessment of the effectiveness of proposed solutions.
In all genres of work, this chapter includes a rationale for the methods used, which contains the answer to why these methods have been used and what are their advantages over similar (if available).
Description of the method involves:
 description of tasks, the subjects who performed, and the instructions they received,
 description of the sample in terms of the traits that underlie the choice of subjects. These features are the quality of subjects related to the subject of study, as well as their demographic characteristics such as age, education, occupation, experience, etc.
 A description of any fixed quantity and quality, and how fixation was performed in the study.
In addition to this it is necessary to describe the procedure for the empirical work.
For a more visual presentation of research methods stimulus material or interrogatories forms recommended to put in applications for course or research work. This recommendation becomes a requirement when used in this paper methods are copyrighted.
After the characteristics of the methods set out the results and describes the procedure for their treatment, including methods of mathematical statistics. The results of the work should be presented to the reader clear manner. Primary data are translated into human-readable form - graphics or tables that show the quantitative relationships of the data. In addition, some initial reports, the most revealing in terms of interpreting the study results may be given in the annexes.
After the presentation of results is their interpretation - an explanation of what the results mean in terms of the hypotheses formulated in the work, or teaching or industrial purposes. It is also necessary to correlate the results with those of other studies. In the absence of meaningful interpretation, research papers can not claim to be appreciation.

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