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Custom Research Papers OnlineThis article is a continuation of previous ones. Besides from it you can learn that custom research papers online can be found here. This brief overview of several possible competing hypotheses that could call into question the relevance of these results allows developing a more detailed program of study than that offered at the beginning. If you want to be able to exclude the five alternative interpretations of the results obtained in the course of your research (and you have to do to make your research had any sense), you have to move from a single operationalization of the dependent variable from a single observation to the program, which includes many ways to operationalize the set of data collection methods and a few observations. This new program should include the following milestones:
1. Generate a sample of the number of juveniles who are selected to participate in "Operation of intimidation", and select from a number of minors who have the same composition characteristics that are relevant in terms of crime (eg, gender, age, race, occupation, education and income parents, living conditions and place of residence), but that should not participate in the program.
2. To interview subjects for inclusion in the program before they take part in the operation, and at the same time to interview the control group to obtain self-reports of criminal activity and information about the situation in the family.
3. To interview family members of all subjects to obtain information about the situation in the family.
4. A year after the subjects visited the prison to interview the participants as well as non-participants in the program to get self answers of criminal activity and determine if they have not changed family circumstances.
5. During the implementation phase (4) you need to compare the data on arrests and convictions for participants and non-participants of the program.
6. Two years later, after participating subjects in the "operation of intimidation" should repeat steps (4) and (5).
7. Three years after the operation to repeat steps (4) and (5).
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