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Research - the search for answers to questions. That's how you can briefly answer the question of the child at the beginning of its operation. For teachers research is a way of comprehending the truth. For a child, especially in the elementary grades, is always particularly interesting is the search for answers to many questions. He wants to know everything at once. By asking questions, he develops, learns, he is brought up with those questions. There is millions of "WHY?" at the head of a five year old boy or girl - At the head of many of my first-graders - those "WHY?" disabled adults and remain unspoken questions that expect answers only becoming older, and maybe never will ... The study, well-organized in the school of thought frees students, liberates, gives rise to creativity. And all of a sudden comes a new truth, new knowledge. It is in these people need our society. So let us become explorers and find answers to questions that give us life itself.

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Academic or research project in terms of a learner is an opportunity to maximize their creative potential disclosure. This activity will manifest itself, either individually or in group, try your hand, put their knowledge to benefit, to show publicly the result achieved. This activity aimed at solving interesting problems, formulated by the students themselves are often in the form of the problem, when the result of this activity - found a way to solve the problem - is practical and has great practical value and, most important, interesting and meaningful for themselves the discoverers.

Academic or research project in terms of teachers - this is an integrative didactic tool for development, education and training, which permits to produce and develop the specific skills of design and research among students, namely, to teach:

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* Problematization (Review of the problem field and the allocation of subproblems, the formulation of the leading issues and the formulation of problems arising from this issue);
* Set goals and plan the content of the student;
* Introspection and reflection (the impact and success of the solution to the problem of the project);
* Presentation of the results of its activities and progress;
* Presentation in various forms, using a specially prepared product design (layout, posters, computer presentations, drawings, models, theatrical, video, audio and stage performances, etc.);
* Identification and selection of relevant information and assimilate the necessary knowledge;
* The practical application of school knowledge in various, including non-standard, situations;
* Selection, development and use of appropriate technology of product design;
* The study (analysis, synthesis, selection hypothesis, refinement and generalization).

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