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Best Custom Research PapersThe process of scientific research in the norm must obey a certain order:

1. Identifying contradictions in scientific knowledge and problem definition.
2. Definition of the object, subject, purpose and objectives of the study
3. Nomination of a working hypothesis and empirical hypotheses.
4. The theoretical rationale and description.
5. Planning for the study.
6. The study.
7. Testing hypotheses on the basis of data obtained
8. In the case of denial of the old one - the formulation of new hypotheses.

Error is the change of this order, when the first survey carried out, and then formed a hypothesis, purpose and objectives. This error leads to a depreciation of the study. First of all, fear not confirms the hypothesis is unfounded, since refutation of the hypothesis gives rise to the same scientific knowledge, as well as its confirmation. Secondly, the work of a researcher lies precisely in the construction of a theoretical model, which is then subjected to verification. Formulating a hypothesis based on existing research, the author denies the work of creativity. Thirdly, the researcher confidence that the hypothesis in any case will be confirmed deprives him of critical thinking, making use of the "correct" scientific sources. And finally, fourth, skip the planning phase leads to the fact that the interpretation of the data revealed a lack of necessary data.

There are common for all types of scientific research:

Fundamental research is aimed at knowledge of reality without regard to the practical effect of the application of knowledge.

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Applied research is carried out in order to obtain knowledge that should be used to solve specific practical problems.

Monodisciplinary research is conducted in a separate science (in this case - Psychology).

Interdisciplinary research requires the participation of specialists in various fields and is held at the intersection of several disciplines. This group may include genetic research, research in the field of engineering psychophysiology, as well as research at the intersection of ethnic psychology and sociology.

Best Custom Research Papers
Comprehensive studies are conducted with the help of methods and techniques by which scientists try to reach the maximum (or best) possible number of significant parameters studied reality.

Univariate, or analytical, research aimed at identifying a single, most significant, according to the researcher, aspect of reality.

Best Custom Research Papers
Studies on the purpose of their conduct can be divided into several types:

Critical research. They are conducted in order to disprove the existing theories, models, hypotheses, laws, etc., or to check which of the two alternative hypotheses more accurately predicts reality. Critical studies are conducted in areas where a wealth of theoretical and empirical body of knowledge and proven techniques available for the experiment.

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