Critical Essays

Any student knows that teachers give their students a variety of projects and assignments. Types of projects and written assignments can vary consistently. As a rule, teachers give their students projects and assignments to assess their learning and academic success as well as the progress students have made in the course of learning the subject. There are various types of projects and assignments among which it is possible to single out critical essays. In fact, a critical essay is a very challenging project, especially for inexperienced students. Many students face a number of problems while writing a critical essay because critical essays involve not only proficient writing skills of students but also their ability to research and critically evaluate information related to the subject of their critical essay. No wonder, critical essays are the most common type of essays teachers ask their students to write because these essays are very effective tools of studentsí assessment.

Students should be aware of numerous pitfalls they can come through while writing their critical essays. First, students may face a problem with collecting information related to the subject of the critical essay. In fact, even when the topic and subject of the critical essay are defined clearly and students have got the material to write their critical essay on, they need to conduct a supplementary research to get more information on the subject of the critical essay. The supplementary information is very important in terms of writing a critical essay. The reason is that students cannot evaluate critically the subject and topic of the critical essay, if they do not have a profound knowledge of the subject. The latter implies that studentsí knowledge of the subject should go far beyond the material provided to them by their teachers. Therefore, students need to conduct independent research to get as much information on the subject of their critical essay as possible. On collecting the information and analyzing it, students confront another challenge Ė the organization of their critical essay. Students can use various techniques to compose their critical essay, including brainstorming, planning, and others but they should remember that a well-organized critical essay is the essay that contains an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs and clear and concise conclusion.

In this respect, students should take into consideration the specificity of the critical essay. Critical essays are essays where students need to manifest their critical thinking skills and abilities and this is exactly what makes critical essays particularly difficult for students, especially if they are inexperienced in writing critical essays. Therefore, while writing the body of a critical essay students should show their ability to critical thinking and develop their analysis logically and coherently proving each point of the essay with examples and evidences. Finally, the conclusion of a critical essay should not just summarize the essay but wind up the analysis conducted by a writer and to support the thesis statement of the critical essay.

Critical essays are important not only to students but also to teachers. Teachers use critical essays to check the studentsí proficiency in writing because students will need to use all their writing skills to complete a critical essay successfully. In addition, teachers can check the studentsí methods of organizing schedules setting up priorities. In other words, students need to organize their critical essay properly and pass it to their teachers in time.

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