Research Paper

Writing a research paper may raise unsurpassable barriers on the way to a successful submission of the research paper. In actuality, many students fail to submit their research paper successfully because research papers prove to be too difficult for them to be accomplished properly, whereas obtaining a high grade for a research becomes practically an unattainable goal for many students. The main reason students fail to submit their research papers or obtain high grades for their research papers is not only the lack of experience or writing skills. The problem is the specificity of writing a research paper. To write a successful research paper is a true challenge even for a good writer, who has developed certain writing skills and who can be quite successful in writing essays and other papers. A research paper is different from an ordinary paper students are accustomed to write because a research paper implies a complex work which involves not only writing skills of a writer but also his or her research skills and abilities, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and proper formatting of the research paper.

A good research paper is the product of a hard, time-consuming work. First, a writer should have a profound knowledge of the subject and topic of the paper. A writer should know nuances which may influence the research conducted in the field defined in terms of the research paper. This means that a researcher should conduct an in-depth research of the subject matter to obtain as much information about the subject and specific topic of the research paper as possible. On obtaining all the information, a writer should process and analyze this information properly. This is another challenge writers face while writing a research paper because processing and analysis involves analytical thinking of writers and some people are not inclined to analytical thinking at all. As a result, they are unable to write good research papers even if they are good and experienced writers. In addition, a writer should critically evaluate findings and conclusions he or she makes after the analysis of the information collected. Critical thinking is very important because it defines the extent to which the research paper is objective, reliable and valid. To put it more precisely, critical thinking helps a writer to assess adequately all the information and findings and present them logically to convey the general message of the research paper and to reveal reliable findings of the research paper. Furthermore, a writer should compose the research paper and present information properly respectively to the format, which may vary depending on a college or university where the research paper is submitted to.

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