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Admission Essay 1

In fact, I can hardly say that I can objectively identify my strengths and talents but, nonetheless, I can definitely say what I do best. In this respect, I should say that I believe that the thing that I do best is social work, which I get used to fulfill thoroughly and sincerely. I should say that I was always extremely concerned about the fate of people who live in poverty and who need our help. I perfectly realize that these people are deprived of an opportunity to lead a normal life like all of us actually do. This is why I have decided to help such people and for this purpose I have joined our local charitable organization that takes care about poor people and people in need.
Frankly speaking I do not think that I do something really great but I really like this social work and this is why I think I am really good in it because I strongly believe that people can be very strong in something if they do it from the bottom of their heart. This is exactly how I feel about my help to poor and needy and I am not going to give up my social work and I hope that in the future I will perform my social work even better.

Admission essay 2

In general, it seems as if it is always possible to find some circumstances that could potentially affect adversely ones high school performance. As for me, I would not make this list long since I believe that the more there are circumstances the less sincere I will be since the listing of all such circumstances will rather look like complaints than objective judgments. Nonetheless, I would like to focus on the one but vary serious that I believe really affected my high school performance, though its effect was not crucial.
In fact, I should say that at winter, just at the beginning of February, my younger brother fell terribly ill and needed that someone constantly was by his side. At that time, we decided not to send him to a hospital. However, as my parents worked, it was me who had to spend a lot of time with my brother. As a result, I have missed a couple of weeks at school and I practically paid no attention to learning. This is why, later, I had to catch up with my class that was really quite difficult to me not only because of the missed classes but, basically, because of my psychological state.
Nevertheless, I have coped with this problem and I hope I will not have any troubles like that anymore.


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