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As everybody

As everybody knows that in order to organize a splendid wedding it’s better to think it over and consider all details of the process. Although it’s really hard to combine work and household chores with wedding preparations, you’d better plan the wedding process in advance.

In 3-6 months before wedding:
? It’s important to meet with parents of both sides in order to discuss the budget and wedding style. You’d better choose and reserve cafe or restaurant beforehand. Many places appear to be reserved, so start thinking of proper place as soon as possible.
? Bring an application to civilian registry office.
? Start looking for a wedding dress, accessories, fiance costume and shoes. Hurry up; don’t forget that many people also plan to get married at that time. You may fail to find something suitable for your appearance, as it is important to think of color and design of cloths. If the dress isn’t long and your legs are open, think of expressive shoes. Keep in mind that wedding dress will evoke happy memories during all your life, so try to find the one you really like.
? Make some time to buy invitation cards. Send them to everyone you want to see at your party, especially those living far from you. Invitees should have time to answer, congratulate and write the time of arrival. Don’t forget that the number of guests would influence your budget for the banquet.
? Buy or order wedding rings. It’s an important choice and you should know that rings may be ready only in several months.
? Think of cars for fiance and fiancee. It isn’t a laughing matter to choose and order a limousine for example. If something goes wrong it would dampen your spirits and cause more troubles and stress. Don’t forget to choose the place for honey-moon. If you want something unforgettably exotic, reserve the tour in advance.

In 3 month before the event it’s important to reserve a banquet hall. Choose a convenient place for guests to enjoy dancing, talking and eating delicious meals.

In 2 months before the wedding:
? It’s recommended to write a list of guests to know the number of invitees for sure.
? Don’t forget to choose best men.
? In case you’re a guest you’d better buy a proper present for the fiance and fiancee.

In a month before the wedding:
? Choose a visagiste and a hairdresser and probably make a trial hairdo and make-up.
? Take care of flower arrangement – order a bouquet for the bride and some flower compositions for the ceremony.
? You still have time to decorate the hall with air balloons and arrange a splendid firework.

In 2 weeks before the wedding:
? Order a wedding cake and beverages for the banquet. But be careful not to waste too much money.
? Verify the number of guests in order to have time to correct the menu if necessary. But actually it won’t be a problem if there would be too many dishes. You’d be able to eat them the next day.
? Invite a toast-master and give him necessary instructions. Toast-master should know the arrangement of seats at the party in case he would need someone from the guests.
? Make up some toasts to congratulate the couple and their family.
? Prepare dress, costume and accessories to be sure everything’s ready.

Finally in a day before the wedding pack things for wedding trip, check rings and make ready all necessary documents. A fiance is recommended to make some pleasant surprise for his lover. A short letter or flowers would be a sign that you highly appreciate her efforts to make a splendid wedding. In order to distract your mind before the wedding bustle you’d better go to some nice restaurant together with best friends and gain more positive emotions.
Planning is an important element of any wedding. In Europe weddings are usually arranged in spring, in Japan – mostly in summer and in the USA they traditionally occur in autumn. Any way there is much time to get ready with everything and to organize an unforgettable wedding party.


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