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Assignment #1 Chapter 1
Concept Application

1. In spite of the fact that Dave, Megan and Chris work in the field of sport management, their work is still quite different and they are specialized on different areas of sport management. At any rate, it is possible to speak about the difference in their professional experience in the field of sport management. On the other hand, it does not necessarily mean that their work and experience are absolutely different. In this respect, Dave and Megan have similar experience since they are mainly focused on the work with customers and, what is more, they closely interact with customers since Dave sales sporting goods, while Megan focuses on the work in ticket office that inevitably involves the work with customers to whom tickets actually have to be sold and delivered if necessary. As for Chris, his interaction with customers is a bit different since he specializes on the event-planning. However, it does not mean that he can ignore interests and needs of customers. In stark contrast, similarly to Dave and Megan, Chris have to take into consideration the current needs of customers in order to organize events which can attract a large number of customers. Otherwise, his work would ineffective. The same may be said about Dave and Megan who should attract customers to sporting goods and to the sport team and events respectively.
Naturally, there are certain differences in the specialization which are determined by the specificity of work of Dave, Megan and Chris. For instance, Dave should focus on sporting products that means that he should promote specific products, while Megan should promote the team which matches the public is supposed to attend. To put it more precisely, it is brand of Chicago Bears Megan is supposed to promote and use to attract the public and sell tickets. At this point, Megan’s work is in a way similar to that of Chris since Megan concentrates on sales of tickets to make the audience attend matches of Chicago Bears, while Chris should attract the audience to specific events he is planning or he is involved in.
2. Today, human resources are of the utmost importance and Dave, Megan and Chris should coordinate the performance of human resources involved in sport selling. To put it more precisely, Dave should provide the research of the existing needs and preferences of customers in regard to sporting goods. Obviously, such a research needs the employment of specialists who could conduct a marketing research and define the target customer group and products the company can sell. Furthermore, to sell products effectively, Dave needs to promote the products to customers and convince the public that the products are worth buying. Therefore, the promotional campaign should be conducted that may need the involvement of PR specialists, and advertising professionals. Finally, he needs to consult customers to sell products they need since customers need to make conscious choices of products.
As for Megan, she has to closely interact not only with the personnel of the ticket office, but she also needs to be aware of what customers actually get when they buy tickets. In other words, Megan should get all the information about sport events customers can attend after buying the ticket. Such interaction implies the effective cooperation between human resources involved in the organization of sport events, namely matches of Chicago Bears and Megan and other people involved in sales of tickets.
Chris also needs to develop effective cooperation with the personnel involved in the organization and promotion of sport events. To put it more precisely, in order to plan a sport event, Chris needs to have the clear information on the financial resources he can count for to organize the event. At the same time, he also needs to develop and implement an effective promotional campaign to attract the attention of the public to the sport event planned by Chris and his colleagues. In addition, similarly to Dave, Chris needs the marketing research in order to assess possible revenues from the sport event planned.
In such a way, it is obvious that the effective work of Dave, Megan and Chris is possible on the condition of the effective use of human resources and cooperation of all professionals involved not only in sales management, but also in the management and public relations at large.
3. The use of effective technologies may define the success of the work of Dave, Megan and Chris. In actuality, it is important to underline that Dave, Megan and Chris need to use new telecommunication technologies, Internet, software, etc. in order to achieve possibly better results. In this respect, Dave and Chris can use telecommunications and special software to conduct a profound analysis of the current marketing situation in order to assess the existing possibilities for sales and the buying power. Along with the collection of data related to the current marketing situation, the existing information technologies and software provide possibilities for the statistical analysis of data collected on the basis of which it is possible to make clear conclusions concerning the development and implementation of effective methods and strategies to sale products or develop sport events.
At this point, Megan probably does not need the use of complicated technologies and software. Instead, her major goal is to sell and deliver tickets to customers. Consequently, she needs to provide the process of selling and delivery with the maximum convenience for customers. In such a context, it is worth mentioning the fact that the use of Internet is very popular among customers buying tickets. Hence, Megan should be able to promote and sell tickets via Internet and using other telecommunication technologies.
4. Today, sport industry is rapidly growing because people are growing more and more concerned with their health. In such a situation, Internet proves to be an effective tool to promote and sell sporting goods. In fact, Internet provides large opportunities for sales of sporting goods online because it eliminates physical barriers between companies and customers. In other words, Internet has considerable advantages compared to conventional sporting goods stores that contributes to the fast growth of sporting goods sales online.
However, it is necessary to underline the fact that the fast penetration of sporting goods sales in Internet is determined objective marketing factors. To put it more precisely, the growing demand for sporting goods stimulates companies to increase production and sales of sporting goods. At the same time, the use of Internet is convenient for customers. This is why customers tend to buy sporting goods online. Naturally, producers of sporting goods and distributors cannot ignore Internet and increase online sales. In such a situation, it is quite natural that sporting goods sales via Internet are booming and offers of sport-related products and services increases steadily.
Nevertheless, the role of conventional sporting goods stores and sporting goods industry should not be underestimated, since they maintain a highly competitive position in the market. In addition, they have a high level of customer loyalty. On the other hand, many conventional sporting goods stores tend to use Internet to support conventional sales.
5. On analyzing the three sites, it should be said that basically either side has its strengths as well as weaknesses. Nevertheless, it is possible to estimate that the Chicago Bears website seems to be the most balanced and effective among the three sites discussed. In this respect, it is important to underline the fact that the advantageous position of the Chicago Bears website is determined by the large experience and popularity of Chicago Bears and its effective IT management. At the same time, the website does not only have a good structure, but its popularity is also determined by the popularity of the Chicago Bears’ brand. Furthermore, unlike other websites discussed, the website of Chicago Bears is well-known for people interested in sports. As a result, the website can benefit from the popularity of the brand, which is amply supported by the use of effective structure, navigation, and which is user friendly. However, it is impossible to estimate that other sites discussed are ineffective, but their quality is lower compared to the website of Chicago Bears.
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