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Churchgoers: The Devout, the Insincere, and the Socialites

Religion is an essential part of social life that accompanied the development of all societies throughout the history of mankind. Nowadays, the role of religion is still quite significant though it ahs changed substantially compared to the previous epochs. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who often go to church but, now it is believed that “religion is, rather, a human attempt to process the God experience, which breaks forth from our own depth and wells up constantly within us” (Ramsey 194). However, the reasons why people go to the church may be quite different and, thus, it is possible to speak about different types of churchgoers: the devout, the insincere, the socialites.
First of all, it should be said that devout churchgoers are probably the most conservative and sincere adepts who go to church regularly. These people are really religious and sincerely believe in God and treat the church as a sacred place where they can purify themselves spiritually and where they morally and psychologically relax from their social life. It should be said that devout churchgoers basically visit church to satisfy their religious needs as a place where they can communicate with God, whom they share their problems with, asks for a piece of advice through priests which they view as mediators between God and human race.
Another group of churchgoers is totally different from the previous one. This is the insincere churchgoers who simply go to church for different reasons but, their major characteristic is the lack of faith and it is even possible to speak about certain hypocrisy from their part in regard to religion and other adepts. As a rule, these people go to church simply to meet certain goal that may be related to religion but this act is absolutely insincere. In other words, an insincere churchgoer can visit a church like a place of interest, for instance, or to participate in some religious ceremony where his presence is essential, for instance, if a person is a witness during the wedding ceremony, etc. Whatever the reason churchgoing to these people is just a routine and often useless activity.
Finally, there are people who view the church as a place where they can communicate with other people. This type of churchgoers may be identified as socialites. In actuality, these people may believe in God or not, i.e. they can be religious or not, but this is not the main point of their going to church. They view the process of churchgoing as a part of their social life, as a useful social experience, or sometimes as an opportunity to get socialized if they have some problems with the community. Anyway, these people basically focused on communication with other adepts or churchgoers but not on the communication with God or fulfillment of some routine rituals.
Thus, it is possible to conclude that there are different types of churchgoers that may differ dramatically but, nonetheless, church is really a place that unites all these people who go to church under different pretext and have different purposes. In fact, the church is primarily a social institution where people having different views may gather together.

1. Ramsey, P. Basic Christian Ethics. New York: Scribner's, 1990.


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