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Communications Journal
Entry 4

The effectiveness of functioning of an organization highly depends on the effective communication and, in this regard, our Aviation Engine repair center is not an exception. Basically, the communication in our organization may be considered quite effective due to the fact that it may be characterized as open.
To put it more precisely, one of the strategic goals of the administration of our organization is to develop a positive atmosphere that is based on positive interpersonal relationships. In such a situation, open communication is an essential part of this strategy. Practically, this means that the opinion of people working in our Aviation Engine repair center can be always taken into consideration and it has never been forbidden to express the personal opinion.
Nevertheless, I should point out that there exist certain limitation that probably make it possible to speak about certain barriers in communication to the extent that it can be treated as absolutely open. To put it more precisely, there exists a strict hierarchy within the organization which imposes certain limits on communication within the organization. For instance, an employee cannot directly communicate with the director of the Aviation Engine repair center or with customers. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that such communication is a sort of taboo but it is rather motivated by practical factors since such hierarchical structure makes communication more effective due to elimination of unnecessary chains in the communication process when an employee, for instance, interferes into communication between the manager and a head of the department.
At the same time, it should be said that basically, the communications climate within the organization may be characterized as supportive since the organization of the work implies the close cooperation of all people working within our Aviation Engine repair center. What is more, it is always possible to find a consensus if there are any arguable points. For instance, when a head of the department have a different position than the director it is always possible to discuss the problem and involve other heads of departments or even employees in order to arrive to a plausible solution of the problem and find the most effective way out.
In fact, the current positive achievements in the process of communication are basically predetermined by the strategic policy of the company’s administration targeting at the implementation of effective tools and methods of communication. In such a situation, managers play particularly important role. In this respect, it should be said that managers attempt to be real leaders in their units and, as a rule, they serve as examples to their employees. Basically, they clearly set their demands and principles of their work to employees and attempt to fully fulfill these demands themselves. For instance, they avoid abusing employee in any way, as a rule, they are punctual, etc. and the same qualities they demand from employees.
However, it is necessary to underline that it is not always possible to develop effective work of the organization and effective communication because of the existing socio-cultural differences. Basically, these differences are caused by the fact that the demographic make-up of our Aviation Engine repair center is relatively diverse. It is worthy of mention that the majority of our organization is represented by whites while there are also some representatives of non-white communities which are employees and are in a subordinate position. Naturally, these employees have a different socio-cultural background and, thus have different traditions, beliefs, views and standards of behavior that sometimes cause certain problems. For instance, there was a case when an employee refused to work arguing that his religious beliefs forbidden him to work on that particular day. In such a situation managers should look for a compromise in order to keep the balance in relation to employees. As a result, it was decided to give the employee a day off but on the condition that he work extra time the following few days to get equal working hours and payment compared to other employees.
Basically, people working in our organization tend to be free of biases or prejudices but, nevertheless, some of them can hardly be fully eliminated. For instance, within our organization among four heads of departments there is only one woman that seems to be predetermined by specificity of our organization and the existing biases and stereotypes that females cannot be successful in technological companies such as Aviation Engine repair center.
Thus, it should be said that in general the communication within our organization may be considered quite effective though there are certain problems that still need to be overcome.

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