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Math Website Review

At the present moment there are a lot of websites which present information on math. WWW.coolmath.com is designed in order to correspond the needs of different clients. Creative design and useful content make this website an example of good site dedicated to math. This site makes a good combination of diverse and useful content, easy navigation, creative methods and scientific approach.
Coolmath.com presents information on math in interesting and entertaining way. Bright and colorful design makes this site attractive for young audience while information contained there can be useful for people of different ages and occupations.
The content of the site is divided into several categories. First of all information is divided according to needs of the visitors of the site. There are sections for kids, young learners and teachers. Each section is adapted to the needs and interests of the visitors. Kids section is colorful and bright. It contains puzzles, flash cards, time tables, books, calculators and many other interesting things. This way young visitors of the site will be able to perceive serious information on math better. They will get a lot of useful information in easy and interesting form. Small kids will be able to get their first knowledge on the subject in the form of the play. A lot of flash objects presents information in entertaining manner. Small kids, who like playing will gladly take part in the study process.
The second part, which is created for teenagers under 14 years is also subdivided into several categories. These categories include: prealgebra, algebra, geometry and books. Learners will be able to choose the category they need and find an answer for their questions.
In the part for teachers the author of the site, Karen shares her experience in teaching math. Karen has a lot of experience since she’s got Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in math and 14 years of experience working as a math teacher. Her advices will be useful for teachers who want their children to be good at math, but also want to make them really interested in this subject. Different advices and tips for teachers are really valuable because they present the author’s methods which help the teachers to expand their methods of teaching and present new material in math in interesting and entertaining way. Those who believe that math is boring and dull subject will definitely change their opinion after visiting this site. I think that even adults will find a lot of interesting and new ideas on this site.
Coolmath.com is easy to browser. In addition to the categories mentioned above it also contains math games, math lessons, math practice, math dictionary and many other sections which enable different people to find any kind information on the subject.
There is also special section for parents where they may get useful advices which will help them to teach math to their children. The author gives easy tips which help to explain math to children. Tips are divided on categories and this makes it comfortable for the users of the site to use it. The page contains not only math problems but also interesting advices which help to develop different skills of children. Some advices given to parents can be used for general development of their children, not only their analytical skills.
Coolmath.com is a good example of good site dedicated to math. I liked the way it was created and designed. Site looks really funny and entertaining. Target group which mainly consists of children and teenagers determined the choice of web design and presenting information. The author of the site proves that even serious things, such as algebra and geometry, may be funny and exiting to study. In addition everybody interested in math has an opportunity to expand the knowledge in this field using coolmath.com. Many flash objects and pictures present information and math data in interesting way. Usually math is considered to be a precise science but this site proves that the study of math may be creative and interesting. Easy navigation and colorful menu make it attractive even for smallest visitors. I think the authors of the site made great job creating such a big project which can be useful for everybody interested in math. All data and information presented on this website are accurate and precise. In addition there are a lot of author’s developments on the field of math, such as funny games, schemes and pictures which give a lot of creative ideas on this field. Site is easy to navigate despite it contains a lot of different information for different users. Among week points of the website I would name its color theme. In the beginning bright colors seem attractive and catch visitors’ attention. Especially they are interesting for small visitors. Unfortunately after some time eyes get tired of such bright colors and it becomes difficult to use it. In addition black background also makes the perception of information somewhat difficult . Despite these small demerits I still think that coolmath.com is a good resource on math which can be useful for teachers, students and their parents.


An amusement park of math and more, www.Coolmath.com

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