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Summary and Analysis of the Article “Scientists Reveal Structure of Gateways to Gene Control”

The modern science has, unquestionably achieved great results, but there are still a lot of questions to be answered and genetics remains one of the most mysterious sciences. In order to enlarge human knowledge about gene packaging and regulate, scientists at Penn State University have conducted the study which results are really important since the scientists made several important discoveries that facilitate the further genetic researches. In fact, the problem of gene packaging and regulation was insufficiently research and, what is more, the existing scientific experience did not provide ample opportunities to conduct fast research. Moreover, the previous researches rather provided the fragmentary information about gene packaging, regulation and control.
The research conducted by scientists at Penn State University targeted at the elimination of the existing problems mentioned above and basically was focused on the enlargement of the modern knowledge about gene packaging and regulation. To put it more precisely, the scientists, led by B. Franklin Pugh, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, attempted to investigate how a gene’s function can be turned on in a particular cell and the role of nucleosomes in this process.
The findings the scientists made are extremely important and significant. It should be said that the scientists revealed the fact that there exists direct relationship between the architecture of nucleosomes structure and the respective DNA sequences that are regulated by these nucleosomes. Moreover, the scientists revealed the “architecture of a critical gateway, controlled by the nucleosome, which must be unlocked before agene can be transcribed” (1). It is important to underline that the scientists revel that the positioning of the transcription of the gateway of genes that have the same structure is similar.
Furthermore, among the most important findings and results of the research may be named the fact that the scientists managed to get a clear picture of the architecture of the DNA in the control regions. Obviously, this can help better understand how genes are actually regulated that is the question of the survival of a living being. Also, the researchers mapped the positions of nucleosomes across the entire genome.
In the result of the discoveries made by scientists it is possible to estimate that the further researches have received a very important basis that can increase their effectiveness. To put it more precisely, the better understanding of gene regulation and new methodology of DNA sequences provide an opportunity to sequence DNA strands at enormous amount up to hundreds of thousands that has been impossible before. Moreover, nowadays, scientists have a clearer picture of the architecture of DNA that will naturally be very important to the further researches, especially concerning the research of gene control and regulation since the DNA control regions were thoroughly researched by scientist.
Thus, in conclusion, it is possible to say that the research conducted by the scientists at Penn State University have provided the researchers with ample information about gene control and regulation and opened the way to more effective further researches.

1. Scientists Reveal Structure of Gateways to Gene Control. Retrived April 15, 2007 from <http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/03/070328155639.htm>


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