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Ronald Heifetz

In our everyday life we constantly come across differences which often remain unnoticed but often, these differences can provide us with a very important experience. As for me, I have already had such an experience when I was a child and once I saw how a cat was hunting for a sparrow. At first I was fascinated and observed with an interest how the cat was on the prowl staring at the sparrow and observing each movement the bird made. In such a situation I felt great hesitation and, frankly speaking, I was overwhelmed with ardor in the anticipation of what was going to happen. Obviously, I was supporting the cat’s intentions.
However, as soon as the cat had caught the sparrow, I felt the difference of the situation and my feelings and thoughts had changed dramatically. At teat moment I realized the terrible consequences of such a situation for the bird, and what is more, I had realized that I could influence the situation but my stupor and inexplicable ardor prevented me from any actions. This is why I did not move a finger to save the sparrow and I realized the extent to which I was wrong only when I saw the situation from a different point of view as the sparrow was eaten.
After this episode I have fully realized the extent to which indifference may be dangerous. Nowadays, when I recall this episode of my childhood I understand that we, people, also can be hunters and pray that makes a great difference, but what is more important, we can also be the observers who could be either indifferent, as I actually was, or be active and defend our position or opinion.

Admission essay

When I am thinking about a hero or heroine I recall Jeanne d’Arc, a French woman originating from an ordinary family who became the national heroine of French people. In fact, I perceive her like a heroine and millions of people treat her in the same way. At first, glance such recognition is evident and can be easily explained since she sacrificed her life for the sake of the freedom and independence of her people.
However, on a profound reflection, I realize that there were thousands of other people who also took part in different wars and died regretfully but we do not know all of them and do not treat them as heroes or heroine, while they also dead like Jeanne d’Arc. On thinking over this dilemma, I can say that it was her charisma that made Jeanne d’Arc so popular and, naturally, this was the way she died because she was stoke on fire, while many other people die in the battle. Even though their death is also heroic but it seems as if they had equal chances to die or to survive. Moreover, Jeanne d’Arc became a heroine also due to the fact that she was a woman and, for that epoch, it was really an extraordinary event when a woman participated in a war. But Jeanne d’Arc did not simply take part in the war but she inspired all French people and it is these people and her personal beliefs she sacrificed her life for.


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