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IFAS Table

1. IFAS table for Harley Davidson
Internal Factors Weight Rating Weighted score Comments
1) Expanded network of dealers

2) Brand popularity





The large network allows the company effectively distributes its products in the USA in a relatively short period of time in response to the growing or declining demand for the company’s products
The brand popularity contributes to the stability within the organization because employees feel confident and proud of being working in Harley Davidson which is a symbol of the American moto-industry and the American lifestyle
1) High costs of production

2) Need to increase revenues

3) Low sale rates

4) Conflicts between employers and employees












The high costs of the production are determined by the exclusiveness of the production of the company but the growing costs can undermine the position of the company in the market, especially in the situation of the declining demand for the company’s products and the recession in the American economy
The need to increase revenues is naturally provoked by the high costs of the production and the declining level of sale rates
Low sale rates deteriorates the market performance of the company and contribute to the internal problems and conflicts between the administration of the company and employees
Conflicts are determined by the deteriorating market performance of the company and efforts of the administration to reduce costs of production and increase revenues using all possible means, which can deteriorate the position of employees or result in the job cuts within the company.
Total 1.0 1.0

The major problems of the company are equally important because they are closely intertwined and create unfavorable conditions for the further development of the company. At the same time, the solution of either internal problem of Harley Davidson will inevitably affect or involve other internal problems. Therefore, they should be solved in a complex and they can be solved due to the popularity of Harley Davidson’s brand on the market and widely spread network of the company.
The contemporary organizations and professionals should be able to develop multiple competencies to be able to maintain a highly competitive performance. At the same time, some competencies can be outsourced to increase the efficiency of the functioning of the organization. In this respect, on analyzing the current position and development of CACI it is possible to recommend outsourcing engineering and logistics services because this will allow the company concentrating on the development of its IT and knowledge management while logistics services can be successfully performed by a company that is specialized on the supply of logistics services.
At the same time, in the contemporary business requires the development of such skills as reliability and flexibility. Today, it is extremely important for the organization and its employees to be able to change in response to the changing environment that will help cope with problems the company will face, while the reliability of the company will create a positive brand image of CACI.


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