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“The Brown Bunny” is a film describing the story of a motorcycle d\racer, Bud Clay. In fact, the film raises numerous themes which are interested to a wide range of people, but the main character is particularly noteworthy. The director of the film managed to create a remarkable character with a very complex psychology. At the same time, on analyzing his behavior, his actions and lifestyle as well as major traits of character, it is possible to estimate that he suffers from the narcissistic personality disorder.
At first glance, the main character does not have any serious problems and he is an ordinary man who enjoys racing above all. However, as the events of the film unfolds narcissistic inclinations of Bud Clay become more and more obvious. Traditionally, the narcissistic personality disorder is defined as a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy (Zimbardo, 2005, p.510). In this respect, it should be said that the narcissism of the main character is mainly manifested through his relationships with other people. He wants the public to admire him. It seems as if his passion to motorcycle races is nourished not by his eager interest in races but it is stimulated by the admiration and respect of other people, which Bud Clay enjoys when he succeeds in his races.
At the same time, the narcissist inclinations affect dramatically the life of the main character. In fact, because of his narcissism, he cannot develop normal relationships with other people. This is particularly evident in his relationships with women. Bud Clay is inconstant and careless person. He cannot have serious relations with one and the same woman for a considerable period of time. Instead, he changes his girlfriends permanently. At this point, his narcissism again plays the determinant role and defines his relations with women. Obviously, Bud Clay does not really love his girlfriends, but still he needs them and it is not only the need of intimate relations but it is also an irresistible desire to feel the admiration of women who rather perceives him as a superman than an ordinary human being.
However, his own admiration with himself is even higher than the admiration of the public or his girlfriends. He is constantly focused on his own needs, interests, desires and he pays little attention to his environment.
In such a situation, it is possible to recommend the cognitive therapy (Zimbardo, 2005, p.537). This treatment will be focused on the assistance to Bud Clay to understand his own faulty thinking. He should realize that he overestimates his significance and totally ignores other people. He should be conscious of the importance of other people, their needs, feelings and emotions.
The causes of Bud’s problems may be explained with the help of Trait theory (Zimbardo, 2005, p. 468) since he was the only child in the family and it is probably contributed to the development of his narcissism because he was always surrounded by attention of his relatives, he felt support and eventually such a hyper attention to the boy evolved into narcissist trends in the adulthood when the personality of Bud was shaped.

Zimbardo, L.J. et al. (2005). Psychology: Key Concepts. New York: Allyson and Bacon.


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