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Small Group Communication

Communication plays an extremely role in the life and work of human beings. This is why it is extremely important that people working together have no problems in communication that will help increase dramatically the effectiveness of their work and its results. In such a situation, it is of little importance what kind of work is done, neither it is important whether the organization is commercial or non-profitable but what is really important is the extent to which members of the team are able to communicate and interact successfully with minimum losses. In fact, nay group of people can achieve positive results in their work if they do not have any problems in communication.
In this respect, it is possible to discuss the work of a group of six students that are putting on a cookout as a fundraiser for a local charity. In actuality, the goal of the cookout should target at some charitable aims. For instance, it is possible to organize a cookout as a fundraiser for the protection of environment. However, this is rather a strategically goal that has to be met, while the realization of this goal should undergo through a carefully worked plan and cooperation of all six members of the well-organized team.
First of all, it is necessary to start with the organization of the structure of the whole group. Practically, it means that the group should be properly managed and it should have a clear organizational structure. To put it more precisely, it is necessary that there was a leader of the group that was accepted and recognized by all members of the team. The latter particularly important because if there are some members of the team that do not recognize the authority of the group leader, such a situation will lead to the growing number of potential conflicts that may develop in the process of work on the cookout. It should be said that the role of leader is of a paramount importance since he/she can organize the work of the group in order to increase its effectiveness and coordination of all actions of the team.
At the same time, the leader needs assistants that could be responsible for certain aspects of the work of the team. Speaking about the organization of a cookout as a fundraiser, the leader may need two assistants that would focus on the financial aspects of the organizations of the cookout and another assistant would focus on the problem of public relations.
Furthermore, the rest of the team can fulfill the functions that are the most important at the moment and the importance or the order of the realization of the plan should be coordinated by the entire team. In this respect, it should be said that on dividing responsibilities within the group it is necessary to launch the planning of the program of actions. Initially, it is necessary to clearly define the goals of the event that is planned to organize, i.e. of the cookout. In the given situation the basic goals is to organize the cookout as a fundraiser for the local charity, notably environment protection. At the same time, it is possible to develop the more concrete goals, to put it more precisely, find funds to finance the event, attract public attention, involve possibly larger number of participants of the event, find the place, where the cookout can occur, find out the ways of collecting funds to fulfill the strategic goal of the cookout, i.e. find funds for the local charity.
In such a situation, it is necessary to work out. First of all, it is necessary to start with informing the public about the planning of the event. In fact, it is necessary to shape the public opinion in support of the event. For this purpose, it is possible to address to the local mass media, such as newspaper, radio stations, to promote the necessity of the local charity, such necessity to raise funds to the protection of environment. In this respect, it is also possible to use Internet to promote the project the team is working at and the idea of the creation of an organization that would focus on the problem of environment in the area. It should be pointed out that this media may be even more effective than traditional ones, i.e. newspaper and radio, and it would need less funding. Another advantage of the Internet is the perspective of attraction of a potential serious sponsor who would assist financially to the organization of the cookout. For instance, it can be some company that is interested in the local market or is just entering the local market. Also, it is possible to use some posters and distribute them to the mass audience that is not very costly but potentially this promotion may be quite effective.
As soon as the team has managed attract the attention of the mass audience to the problem it deals with and for the sake of which the cookout is supposed to be organized, i.e. local charity such as environment protection, it is possible to start to promote the upcoming of the cookout but first it is necessary to start looking for potential sponsors. In this respect, it is possible to address to the local or large companies that operate in the area and need the improvement of their public image. Another way, to attract potential sponsors may be Internet that actually has been just mentioned above. Also, it is possible to simply collect public donations, though this source of financing of the cookout is not very reliable. Anyway, it is simply possible to borrow some money for a short period of time and than return it after the cookout though it is important that no interests should be paid and this measure may be effective only on the condition that the funds received in the result of the event would outweigh such investments. Anyway, it is also possible to address to the local restaurants or cafes as well as stores which brand could be used during the cookout in exchange for their sponsorship.
As soon as the team has found the funds, it is necessary to start to develop the plan of the cookout. In this respect, it is possible to attract some other students which could organize some concert for instance, in order to make the event even more interesting. At the same item, it is necessary to plan some competitions that could be used to raise funds during the cookout. For instance, it is possible to organize a kind of action for the largest dish, or the most delicious dish, etc.
The realization of the plan should be controlled by the leader of the team while the rest of the team should execute their roles. For instance, one person responsible for the organization of a concert, another - for competitions, third - for the collection of money, other may keep order. In this respect, it is very important that all members of the team have brought in their own ideas concerning the event and its realization.
In conclusion, it is possible to conclude that the cookout may be considered successful of its goal was met and funds were raised to the local charity. At the same time, it is necessary to point out that the organization of such an event may have both positive and negative effects. As for the positive effects, the event contributes to the formation of positive attitude of the team to the problem they are working at, for instance, environment protection, the similar the cookout may produce on the public as well as the attention of the public would also be drawn to the problem of local charity. Also, such events contribute to the unity of the local community and better organization of the team that is a very important experience for students involved in the event. As for the negative effects, they may result only from the failure of the event if the team fails to organize it or cannot raise funds. Anyway, the organization of such events is always useful since it brings experience that cannot be negative.


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