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Reasons why we should be nice to the people handling our food

Often we pay a little attention to food consumption and to people who serve food but there were times when these people were highly respectable and their services were highly appreciated. However, the time is changing and so do we. As a result, sometimes, people can be quite rude to their servers. This is obviously unacceptable and have a number of negative consequences.
Speaking about the causes of such deterioration of the attitude to servers, it should be pointed out that, to a significant, extent this trend is determined by the low food culture and decreasing importance of food and meals. In this respect, it is necessary to underline that, unlike the past epochs or some conservative societies, where food is still a subject of a high respect or even sacred admiration, in many modern societies, especially Western ones, food has become totally insignificant. The main reason why we are often rude to servers is quite obvious since, nowadays, we suffer from over-consumption of food while in the past people often suffered from the lack of food as well as many African or Asian peoples do at the present moment. As a result, we do not really appreciate food and have a negligent attitude to people serving it.
However, the effects of such attitude may be quite negative not only for the servers but also for those who do not respect them and demonstrate their contempt. First of all, it should be said that when we are rude to people handling our food we primarily hurt ourselves than the servers. In fact, being rude to servers, we dramatically deteriorate our public image for such an attitude to servers reveal that we do not respect other people and, what is more, we are simply using our position to demonstrate our superiority. Obviously, it negatively affects our public image since people realize that we are quite primitive and rude and can be rude to other people without any obvious reasons and, what is more, we are rude to people who initially are in a worse position.
However, when we are rude to servers, we often forget that they can respond to us and the effects of their responds may be unpredictable. In fact, being rude to people handling our food, means being rude to what we actually eat since it is people who are handling our food that are responsible for what we actually eat. Consequently, if we are rude to servers we risk provoking them to undertake some defensive actions. For instance, a server can intentionally drop our food on our clothes pretending that he/she did not intended to do it at all. Obviously, we will be simply in a ridiculous situation since practically it means that we actually through the food at ourselves and, what is probably the most dramatic, we will bear this food on our clothes for some time as a reward for our rude behavior and demonstrate it to other people.
Thus, it is possible to conclude that, in the result of low food culture and abundance of food, we have changed our attitude to people handling our food. As a result, often we may be rude to servers that, actually, reveal our low cultural and moral development as well as it may be quite harmful to our public image and attitude of other people to us, as well as it may provoke servers to unpredictable actions in response.


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