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Strategic Management Module Three

1. CACI is one of the leading IT company, an contractor of the US and UK governments, which plays an important role in the supply of IT services. The orientation of the company on the development of new technologies and services in the field of security is very important, especially in the contemporary environment, when external threats to the national interests of such countries as the US and the UK increase dramatically and the demand for IT and security services of the highest quality are constantly growing. In such a situation, it is possible to estimate that the external environment is quite favorable for CACI, especially due to its close cooperation with the state. The fact that CACI is a state contractor is very important because today the state is one of the main customers of the company. Today, it is mainly the US state that is the major customer of CACI, but, it should be said that the UK government also apt to increase the cooperation with CACI because the company has already proved its reliability. At any rate, the company has a huge experience of cooperation with the state, law enforcement agencies, intelligence services and the military. This experience gives the company a strategic advantage over its competitors because the state, both American and British, is very conservative in relation to its contractors, while the quality of products and services of CACI is highly competitive on the contemporary market. In such a way, the company demonstrates its social responsibility since it participates in the provision of the national security of the US and the UK that makes customers confident in the reliability of the company opening larger opportunities for CACI to gain a larger share of the market.
On the other hand, in spite of the high quality of products and services offered by CACI, its position has been shattered in the result of the involvement of the company’s employees into tortures and prisoners abuse in Abu Ghraib. Potentially, this scandal may be a serious threat to the position of the company in the world market because it deteriorates the public image of the company. As a result, many potential customers of the company are unwilling to use services and products of CACI because of its involvement in the scandal.
2. Pratap Chatterjee and A.C. Thompson “Private Contractors and Torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraq.” CorpWatch, May 7th, 2004 is the article that raises a very important problem of the involvement of CACI employees in the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse. In fact, this scandal threatens to the future public image of the company and can reduce the popularity of the brand and customers’ confidence in the company. In such a way, the company may lose a considerable share of the market.
Whitely, D. E-Commerce: Strategies, Technologies and Applications. 1st ed. Berkshire, England, McGrawl Hill International (UK) Limited, 2000.
The author discusses the major strategies and technologies that can be applied in e-commerce as well as their application. This is important for the future development of the company because for a successful market performance it will need to use effective marketing strategies.

Chatterjee, P. and A.C. Thompson. (May 7, 2004) “Private Contractors and Torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraq.” CorpWatch. Retrieved June 13, 2008 from <http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=10828>
Whitely, D. (2000). E-Commerce: Strategies, Technologies and Applications. 1st ed. Berkshire: McGrawl Hill International (UK) Limited.


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