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Movie Assignment

Today, cinematography is an extremely popular industry and simultaneously it is a progressive form of art oriented on the mass audience. In such a context, it is hardly possible to underestimate the artistic and social values of films. In this regard, “Everyday People” is a particularly noteworthy film, which attempts to depict ordinary people in a difficult true to the real life situation. As a result, the film raises a number of important social and cultural issues, such as ethnocentrism, discrimination, social inequality and others. Such a diversity of socially significant issues makes the film very interesting to watch not only for the mass audience but also for specialists, including sociologists, film critics, etc.
On analyzing the film, it is possible to clearly distinguish two major parties. On the one hand there are employers who decided to sell the diner out, while, on the other hand, there are employees for whom their job in the diner is of the paramount importance since their life and the life of their families heavily relies on their job. In such a context, it is possible to speak about apparent antagonism of employers and employees that makes them absolutely different. However, both employees and employers still feel closely linked to the diner and by the end of the film the owner of the diner is uncertain whether to shut it down or not that makes him closer and similar to employees. What does unite them is the diner itself and the fact of working in there which made them feel being a part of a team.
Nevertheless, it does not prevent the owner and employees from numerous conflicts which often involve discriminatory issues. In this regard, it is possible to speak about racial discrimination when non-white employees, such as Ali, Benita, are oppressed by the white owner and they have to do the hardest work and often they do not receive equal payment for their job compared to other employees. Also, there is a class discrimination since there is an enormous class gap between the owner, belonging to the middle class and using his position to take vitally important decisions such as shutting the diner down, and ignore the position of employees, representing lower-class.
At the same time, such an attitude of employer to his employees perfectly illustrates his prejudice in relation to representatives of lower classes. To put it more precisely, the owner does not think his employees can take reasonable and correct decisions. This is why he takes the decision concerning the future of the diner on his own, neglecting the opposition of employees.
These examples of prejudice and discrimination can be explained from the functionalist point of view by the existence of socially significant institutions, such as diner which the life of employees and employer is bound to. The roles and functions they perform within the diner defines their relationships and their social positions. On the other hand, the conflict theory would explain the prejudices and discrimination discussed above by the class antagonism of the owner of the diner and employees. Hence, the antagonism can result in an open conflict and rebel of employees against the employer.
The cases of pluralism can hardly be identified in the film, but it is possible to speak about ethnocentrism of the owner who believes that he is superior to his non-white employees, such as Ali.


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