Dissertation Writing

The dissertation is an extremely important and very responsible work that is based on the profound knowledge and experience of writing various types of works. At the same time, a writer may face a variety of problem and challenges in the process of writing a dissertation because the writer should not only know the subject of the dissertation pretty well but also be able to conduct researches in this field, evaluate them and make objective, unbiased conclusion on the basis of actual data and information used in the dissertation.
First of all, the dissertation starts with the definition of its topic. The writer should cover a wide scope to which the topic selected may refer. In such a way, the writer will be able to understand the significance of the dissertation and possible problems that should be not only discussed but also researched and assessed as well as it is important to be able to make new findings on the basis of his/her own research. The general structure of the dissertation should include the presentation of the theme and major problems and word in of the strong thesis statement and suggestion of certain hypothesis concerning the problem discussed. The entire dissertation should take into consideration other researches, evaluate them and complement them with the writer’s own research of the problem discussed in the dissertation in to support the thesis statement and hypothesis and assess the extent to which it was correct.
Finally, it is necessary to revise and edit the entire dissertation in order to eliminate weak points in the work.

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