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Research paper writing process may expose certain difficulties for an inexperienced person because a good research paper is not just a collection of anecdotal memories or patchwork of data pulled from different books. In fact, it is also a hard work of a writer that implies understanding of the topic, its analysis, and ability to make a definite conclusion on the basis of information collected and researched.

The work on a research paper should start with the search of a topic. A researcher should clearly understand what actually the research paper will be about, what problems are supposed to be researched, etc. On defining the topic of the research paper, it is necessary to get the general information about the topic. At this stage, it is necessary to refer to other researches dedicated to the same problem or topic, and use literature related to this topic. In such a way, the writer will be able to better understand the topic and the variety of views of specialists on this topic. After that, the researcher should word in the thesis statement or the question the research paper will answer to. The thesis or question should relate to the entire paper and be very strong.

The next step is the research of the topic defined. The writer should analyze the information collected, assess and evaluate different views on the problem researched in the paper. Then the outline of the paper should present the major points of the paper and only after that it is necessary to start writing the paper itself. The body of the paper should be well-structured and logical. When the first draft of the paper is written, it is necessary to revise and proofread it that is the final stage of writing a research paper.

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