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Air masses

Air masses have a great impact on the weather in every region. An air mass usually has invariable temperature and humidity, which depend on the properties of the surface of the underlying region. This area is called a “source region” but meteorologists agree that the territory of the United States is not a favorable source region, as usually the air masses do not have any opportunity to stay and acquire the properties of a particular area.
Due to constant movement of air masses, America is famous for storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Usually tornadoes form in spring, though they can happen any time throughout the year. When the atmosphere is very unstable, cold fronts with dry polar air meet warm fronts with moist air and it causes hurricanes and tornadoes. For instance, last year the United Sates experienced a tornado outbreak, which produced 105 tornadoes, which lasted for four days, from the ninth till the thirteenth of March. It originated in the South Central America because of the collision of three air masses – very warm and very humid maritime tropical air mass, very warm and dry continental tropical air mass and very cold and very dry continental polar air mass. The tornadoes affected the most part of Central America and took lives of at least thirteen people.
Another phenomenon that is caused by the convergence of cold and warm fronts is lake effect snow. It happens when cold arctic winds shift across warmer lake water and pick up water vapor that then chills and rests on the shores. In the United States this is the Great Salt Lake which is very subjected to this natural phenomenon. The lake can experience such effect throughout the whole year, as it never freezes.
Therefore, it is obvious that the weather in the country depends much on the circulation of air masses, which can produce different natural phenomen

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