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Correlation Between the Frequency of Sexual Intercourse and Marital Satisfaction

Marital satisfaction is closely connected with sexual satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction guarantees marital satisfaction. The main factor in sexual satisfaction is the frequency of sex. The other factors include practice, sharing sexual preferences, probation of new techniques, e.t.c. All these aspects of sexual relations contribute greatly to nonsexual relations of the couple. Couples which have sex frequently are happier in their married life, they more enjoy time spending together, more often share hobbies and activities together and easier find solutions from conflict situations. The strong connection between sex and marital satisfaction shows that couples with frequent sex are happier in other areas of life. “It is likely that an unhappy, stressed, or conflicted partner—one who is preoccupied, worried, or angry about various (nonsexual) aspects of the relationship—would have difficulty becoming sexually interested in and aroused by the other partner, particularly if that partner is viewed as a source of the conflict or unhappiness” (Donnelly, 1993, p. 178). However, if the quality of frequency of sexual relations is not satisfactory for one of the partners, it can lead to problems in other spheres and areas of relations. Most researches indicate a close connection between frequency of sex and marital relations (Donnelly, Morokoff, 1993).
Denise Donelly (1993) made a great research in this sphere having interviewed about 6,000 married couples and determined factors which can influence happiness and satisfactory in marriage. The research showed that these factors include not only frequency of sex, communication about desires and preferences but also life satisfaction, traditions, marital interaction variables, religious preferences and so on. Nevertheless, the statistics prove that the marriage dissatisfaction is correlated to rare and inactive sexual relations which, in their turn, lead to the probability of separation. The absence of sex signalizes that there are problems between the partners and such kind of marriage can not be considered as a satisfactory one. The marriage happiness can be measured by the level of sexual life: the more active sexual relations, the happier the family is.
Other researchers (Morokoff, Gillilland, 1993) also examined the correlation between sexual activity and marital satisfaction. They researched the relationship between sex frequency, stress and satisfaction in marriage. The participants of the research were 165 men and women of different age, state of health and marriage duration. “However, the greater negative emotional reactions and dissatisfaction with frequency of intercourse, the less satisfaction with the marriage” (Gillilland, 1993). So, frequency of sexual intercourse signifies the level of marital satisfaction. This factor has both psychological and medical background.
To sum up, recent researches show that frequency of sex, sexual activity, sexual satisfaction and sexual interest contribute greatly to marital satisfaction. Donnelly (1993) states that absence of sexual life or unsatisfactory rare sexual connections usually are the sign of other problems in the family. The frequency of sex depends usually on state of health of both partners, sexual compatibility, duration of marriage, level of trust, small children, e.t.c. The dependence of marital satisfaction on the frequency of sex can be proved not only through the psychological but also medical point of view. Sexual relations should be in no way neglected if we speak about happiness and satisfaction of the married couple. Nevertheless, being one of the most important factors of marital satisfaction sex can not be analyzed apart from other factors that influence marital satisfaction.

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Matthias, Ruth E., Lubben, James E., Atchison, Kathryn A., & Schweitzer, Stuart O. (1997). Sexual activity and satisfaction among very old adults: Results from a community-dwelling medicare population survey. The Gerontologist, 37(1), 6-14.
Morokoff, Patricia J. & Gillilland Ruth (1993). Stress, sexual functioning, and marital satisfaction. The Journal of Sex Research, 30(1), 43-53.


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