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Hair Choices

Hair is traditionally considered to be an extremely important to people as it can change human appearance dramatically and, what is more, it may have certain socio-cultural effect. For instance, it is not a secret that in many civilizations in the past hairstyle could indicate to the social status of an individual. Nowadays, people can change their hair style easily but, at the same time, often they prefer to use extension hair instead of wearing their own hair that may actually have both advantages and disadvantages.
Speaking about hair choices, it should be pointed out that hair extension has been popular since past epochs and basically it served to a tool that can change an individual’s hairstyle dramatically in a relatively short period of time. Nowadays, it is possible to speak about different reasons why people choose extension hair. One of the reasons is that often people do not simply have their own hair that was long enough or they simply do not like how their own hair looks like. In such situations, they naturally prefer extension hair since it can, firstly make their hair longer, and secondly more beautiful.
Moreover, at the present epoch, it is quite a usual thing when people experiment with their hair and hair style and sometimes hair extensions is simply essential to create a certain image of an individual. For instance, when people dye their hair they often want to find some unusual color or shade that cannot be achieved with their own hair even if the most advanced dyers are used. In such a situation, hair extensions provide an opportunity to choose from a variety of colors, including neon and pastel shades and, what is more, dyers may be harmful to human hair while the use of hair extensions eliminates this problem.
However, it is still necessary to underline that hair extension cannot fully substitute for people their natural hair of their own. Even though, along with synthetic hair it is possible to use natural hair extensions, it is still evident that the use of hair extensions, even though it may make a person more beautiful, do not always produce a positive impression on the surrounding since the fact that a person uses hair extensions creates an impression that there is something fake in this personality.
At the same time, often hair extensions do not simply fit to a person’s complexion, for instance, at least, in such a way as her own hair does. This is another argument in favor of the use of natural hair of your own. Anyway, whatever the quality of hair extension is, it is always worse and less natural than the natural hair of an individual.
This is why it is possible to conclude that it is really possible to chose either hair extensions or hair of your own, depending on the situation, but it is always necessary to remember that hair extensions are created by humans while your own hair is created by nature. This is why, in actuality, the choice between hair extensions and hair of your own is the choice between artificial and fake and natural.

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