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Without a strategy, a company has no real motivation to achieve

There is no doubt that, starting a business, every leader aims to progress and to thrive. An established enterprise is expected to be profitable and successful. Every prosperous businessman will tell you that the guarantee of success is the quality staff recruitment and the proper management. Good management is the basis of the company future, while skillfully developed and implemented strategy is its essential part, because without a strategy, a company has no real motivation to achieve.
Strategy is developed considering the resources available, the structure of the company and its objectives. The process of strategy implementation comprises the development of plans to achieve the defined goals and incentive programs to encourage the employees.
The development of a strategy is very important as it is the initial stage and predetermines the outcome. “Success and failure are tied directly to the reasons for being in business i.e. mission and objectives. Management success is gained through their accomplishment” (Rad, 2002) Sometimes managers fail to determine the main goals of the company and to come to agreement with the personnel about them. Planning presupposes exact written statement of objectives for the concrete period and the time for their control and achievement. While determining the goal, the manager must take into the account the level of resources of the company and must assign the proper distribution of efforts. Management by objectives has its special criteria that should be followed while defining objectives. They are called SMART, that is objectives should be Specific i.e. connected to some concrete indices, such as percentage or rate, or frequency, or number; Measurable, so that the process of achieving the aim should be possible to control and observe; Achievable, for people to realize that they can attain the goal and thus to be motivated; Relevant – people should realize that they can influence on the situation, can change it and rule it, that the achievement of the goal is in their hands; Time-Specific – the employees should have the precise terms of starting and finishing of the project, it disciplines them and regulates the process.
Assuredly, it is significant to encourage the personnel to follow the developed strategy and to aspire to the defined goals. The variety of methods used to give an incentive to the staff forms a real system of incentive programs. Many prosperous businessmen consider different kinds of incentives an essential part of the performance as they stimulate employees to work harder on the common objectives. The conclusion was made that employees are motivated both by financial and non-financial recompenses. Rewards do play a significant role in the employees’ performance (Hunger & Wheelen).
Though every company has its own objectives, in the majority of cases they are the increase of productivity and the client solicitation. In strategic management, skills of marketing are very important. The knowledge of how to design the product so that it would be largely bought, how to promote it via different means of advertising, public relations, how to sell it properly so that to get good profit is necessary for any business oriented at customers. Design of a logo, choice of a tag line, polite conversation with a client – all these seemingly unimportant details are in reality the guarantees of success.
The company FedEx is an illustrating example of a company that due to skillfully implemented strategy of working with customers managed to achieve great success, to become famous all over the world and to establish excellent reputation.
FedEx was founded in 1971 and was named Federal Express. During more than thirty years FedEx has developed into a large company, which is famous and respected not only in the USA but in Canada and European countries too. When FedEx was founded, it had fourteen aircrafts that united twenty-five American cities. With time, this network rapidly expanded and FedEx began to offer their customers all over the USA and abroad a wide range of services.
The management of FedEx Company together with marketing strategies was skillfully organized from the very beginning. The first name was meant to attract government contracts as it pointed to the national market of the company. All its slogans are invented, taking into account every detail of proper marketing techniques. Such phrases as “Absolutely, positively”, “Relax, it's FedEx”, “Whatever it takes” are short and catchy, at the same time they seem reliable for customers. This is a special attitude to customers that made FedEx so successful and popular. FedEx managers made the customer the center of its work and did not miscalculate. Gradually the expanding of the company afforded to offer their customers a great scope of different types of services within its main specification – delivery.
To make a conclusion, the development and implementation of a strategy is very significant for a company. It organizes the work in the company, defines objectives, and encourages employees to achieve them; thus, it contributes to the general progress of the company.

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