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The life of college students is difficult because often students come unprepared to hardships they face in the course of their college education. Students need to do their best to succeed but they are not always able to learn successfully because they have a poor writing experienced and under-developed writing skills which may be a serious problem at college. Today, college education is very complicated and imposes numerous challenges on students. They need to learn various subjects and develop their skills and abilities to frame their professional background and to prepare the ground for their further education, research, and scientific work.

At the same time, students need to develop their writing skills to accomplish their learning tasks successfully. College years are the hard time for students who have poor writing skills. Many students, especially beginners, face numerous challenges when they attempt to write college essays. They soon realize that writing a good college essay is not as simple as they used to think of because a college essay should be a well-written work which implies the individual work of a student and his or her research of the subject matter related to the topic of the college essay he or she is trying to write.

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