Writing a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is an integral part of the modern curriculum. Students have to be able to write their research papers to obtain their grades and achieve academic successes. However, writing a research paper may be a big problem for students because it is a very difficult and challenging task. In actuality, writing a research paper needs a lot of time because students have to work not only on their writing but also on the research of the subject and topic of their research paper. Many students do not have time to write their research papers because they do a part-time job. As a result, they cannot afford working, studying and writing their research papers. Therefore, they need to define clearly their priorities but often they cannot refuse from their part-time job because this is the only way they can afford their learning at a college or university.

In addition, writing a research paper raises the problem of writing skills of students. If a student has poor writing skills, he or she will not be able to write a good research paper because a good research paper should be perfect in style, format and naturally it must be free of errors. It is not as easy as it seems to be to write a research paper because format requirements may be very strict, whereas students are not always aware of the importance of the format requirements. Many colleges and universities are very strict in this regard to the extent that many points may be deducted if the format of a research paper is wrong or does not meet the college’s or university’s standards.

Moreover, writing a research paper involves research activities of students. Unlike other essays and papers students write in abundance, research papers imply that students should be able to carry out research of the subject and topic of the paper on their own. This is probably the most challenging and time-consuming part of writing a research paper because students should become really proficient in the subject of the research paper to conduct a profound research and arrive to adequate and reliable conclusions. In fact, a research paper is a manifestation of students’ research skills. On the other hand, a detailed research takes a lot of time but it is the major condition of writing a good research paper. When students do not have time, they are practically doomed to fail to submit their research papers or obtain a high grade.

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