Analysis of Book

You should begin with writing a summary of the topic or a book. You should illuminate your feelnigs toward what you have read and make an analys of your ideas. Do you agree with the book`s author? What emotions do you feel when read this book? Do you agree with the author on the topic? Often an analysis will focus on the characters, plots, or themes of the book. The steps of an analysis begin with the reading, the feelings of the reader, and then give a rational appeal, emotional appeal, or ethical appeal.

Analysis of book is one of the tasks which students are given during the educational process. The ability to analyze is one of the most important qualities that help people in everyday life, and the ability to analyze a book is a possibility to extract the most relevant and necessary information from the reading.

The analysis is often written in the form of reasoning that typically includes:

- Brief information about the book: author, title, place and time of the events that are described by the author, main heroes and ideas.

- Thesis - the view point of the reader about the book and proof of validity of this thesis.

- Conclusion – an overall assessment of the book.

Here are instructions for those who write analysis of books:

1. You should carefully and attentively read the book you are going to analyze as it can affect the accuracy and clarity of your analysis. The most popular books for analyzing are classical books, which describe the abundance of social and moral issues, multi-faceted and controversial ideas of the writer. Or it can be any other kind of book, but the principles of the analysis should be used the same.

2. You should begin your analysis with formulation of the overall theme of a book, describing the problem discussed by the author, and his main ideas. At the same time try not to break the logic of your argument, express ideas consistently, without jumping from one thought to another.

3. Pay attention to the originality of the book’s genre. Among other things, give a description of linguistic features of the book, and means of artistic expression used by the author. You should express your opinion on the book. You can write about your attitude to the book, its main characters and argument your ideas.

4. Then make a description of the artistic images presented in the book - another part of the analysis, which requires weighty arguments. Literature is filled with mundane and conventional types of people, together with unusual and amazing characters. So try to describe in detail the characters of the book.

5. After all you should analyze the plot of the book, tell about its conflict, provide conclusions and decisions taken by the author or character. Do not forget to write your personal ideas and attitude to the plot and issues raised in the book.

6. At the end of your analysis, write about the importance and significance of the book and the author's contribution to the world literature, science… Depending on the required level of analysis in this part, you can add few details from the biography of the author.

7. Then you should check the text for grammar and spelling errors. Make changes if necessary, trying to achieve uniformity and integrity of the overall analysis.

So, making an analysis of the book, do not forget to summarize main ideas of the author, and express your own opinion on them. Write about the feelings and emotions the book provokes in you, whether you liked it or not, give the analysis of its character, plot and theme.

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