Argumentative Essays

In this type of essay, person should show his opinion on the problem, take into consideration all sides of the problem and make a conclusion. An argument is a discussion of a topic that is very important to the person who takes part in conversation. First of all an argumentative essay should be well reasoned because it is the main thing in this type of written work and also well structured and supported. The second part of an argument is opposition. This means understanding both sides of the problem. A person should compare both sides and give evidence as to the side the writer takes. An argumentative essay usually begins with the description of ideas of a person. The next stage is analysing the literature about the problem. And the last step is to show how the person?s assertion is better than the other side.

An argumentative essay is a type of an essay in which the author takes a position and defends it by providing a number of substantiated ideas and examples. He shows his opinion on the problem, taking into consideration all sides of it and makes conclusion. Usually an argument is a discussion of an issue that is significant to the person who writes about it.

The objectives of reasoned essay are to convince the audience at a particular point of view (with a lot of attention paid to the opposite position), and clearly articulate why an author?s position is preferable. The author, in the process of writing an essay carries on a kind of internal dialogue (evaluates allegations, evidence, assumptions, hidden arguments, and internal conflicts), and comes to the fact that one view is more preferable than others, despite the fact that other people can not initially agree with him.

An argumentative essay can be written on different topics ranging from socio-political to personal. One of the main things is that the subject should have at least two reasonable and opposite points of view. It also should be well structured, supported reasoned because it is another important thing in this type of written work.

This type of essay consists of the following elements: introduction, main part and conclusion.

The introduction provides the formulation of the topic, explanation of its relevance, presentation of the divergence of views on the statement and the structure of the topic. So, the introduction should contain two things:

1. Introductory statement (explaining the subject, its background, the purpose of the study) using known techniques (an unusual statement, an interesting quote, relevant statistic data, etc.)

2. Thesis statement, which in essence is the idea of the argument.

The main part of argumentative essay should contain arguments of the author (not less than 2 or 3); definition of basic concepts used in making judgments; the evidences (facts or examples) that support the chosen proposition and consideration of rebuttal of opposite propositions (must show how weak they are). In other words, the body should provide the presentation of the thesis which is the basis of the essay, which outlines the arguments in favor of the chosen position. The most common method is statement and use of further evidence as justification. This part should also contain objection. The thesis statement can be more convincing if to provide the arguments of the opposite side, giving them critical analysis. And then offer a compromise decision.

The last and very important element of argumentative essay is conclusion. It repeats the main statement, provides one or two sentences summarizing the main arguments in favor of judgments and gives general warning about the consequences of rejection author?s idea, making conclusion about the usefulness of this statement. So the last step is to prove that the person?s assertion is better than the other side.

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