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Today, many students worldwide need English essays because they study in English-speaking countries, where the higher education is traditionally considered to be of a very high quality. However, to write English essays successfully, they need to be proficient not only in English but also in writing skills. This means that students should develop their language skills along with writing skills to succeed in writing English essays. Unfortunately, many students are deprived of such an opportunity because some students are not proficient in English because they lack time and opportunities to learn English. Many students have poor writing skills because they are not predisposed to writing or they simply fail to become writers in the course of their learning. In this respect, it is necessary to understand that writing English essays is essential for the overall success of students at college or university. The modern education in an English-speaking country or at the international level is impossible without proficient knowledge of English and effective English essays writing.

In addition, there are numerous obstacles which arise in the course of English essay writing, even if a student is proficient in English and has well-developed writing skills. The reason is quite simple because English essays need to meet specific requirements of your college or university. To put it more precisely, your English essay should meet the specific format which you are required to write according to, it should include proper references, citations and, what is more, a good English essay is grounded on the research conducted by a writer on the subject and topic of his or her essay. Moreover, English essay must be plagiarism free. Otherwise, your English will never be submitted if your paper is plagiarized. Practically all colleges and universities are very strict in regard to plagiarism policies. Naturally, many students believe that writing a good English essay is practically impossible.

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