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Plagiarism is one of the major burdens of our time, at least when one deals with writing. Today, information is as available as it has never been before and, due to Internet, people can easily retrieved any information they need without conducting an in-depth research. However, often information is used without the author’s permission and authorization that means that the information was simply stolen out from the owner of intellectual property rights. In such a situation, not only ethical but also legal concerns arise. The more available information becomes the more frequent becomes cases of plagiarism but plagiarism is absolutely unacceptable in the field of writing essays because essays must be 100% plagiarism free. Nevertheless, often students prefer to copy one’s work to use them in their essays, instead of creating high quality essays on their own.

Some students believe that they can use plagiarized essays instead of their own but, as a rule, plagiarized essays fail to pass the submission because teachers can detect easily a plagiarized essay. There are different ways of detecting a plagiarized essay:

1. Using some websites to assess the papers

Today, teachers can use a variety of websites to upload papers. Using papers databases, they can detect easily plagiarized papers. In such a way, students should not think that websites they take their plagiarized essays from are not available to their teachers. Therefore, taking a plagiarized essay from a website is not the best solution if a student has problems with writing an authentic essay on his or her own.

2. Downloading the plagiarism detection programs

Alternatively, teachers can use plagiarism detection programs which they can upload at a moderate price and which are available to them. The plagiarism detection programs can facilitate consistently the work of teachers and minimize chances of students to submit a plagiarized paper. The plagiarism detection programs are easy to buy and to use and teachers have a huge choice of such programs which are very efficient in terms of detecting plagiarism in students’ papers. For instance, Eve2 can be bought as low as $30.00. This software allows teachers detecting if a college essay is plagiarized or not.

3. Checking the papers manually

Teachers can detect a plagiarized paper analyzing the content of the paper, writing style and technique, citation, references or bibliography. In fact, it is not difficult to detect a plagiarized paper, if a teacher is acquainted with a student’s writing style because each writer has his or her own, original and unique writing style. A student does not need to be a genius writer to write original papers because, regardless of the student’s level and proficiency in writing, his or her writing is different from that of other students as well as other writers. The difference is determined by numerous factors, such as writing experience, way of thinking, style, habits, personal views of a student and many other factors, the combination of which makes each work unique and different from others. Naturally, manual detecting of plagiarized papers is more time-consuming compared to using software but it is at least as effective as the use of software and sometimes it is even more effective, especially if a teacher knows the writing style of his or her students.

The use of plagiarized paper may have negative effects on students academic performance because they are likely to receive failing marks or just fail to submit their plagiarized paper. Moreover, students should remember that the use of plagiarized paper is a form of violation of the intellectual property rights, if students use one’s paper without the author’s permission and authorization.

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