Shakespeare Essay

William Shakespeare is one of the most renowned writers of all time and his name is well-known worldwide. His contribution in the development of English and world literature can hardly be underestimated. His writing style was unique, whereas many of his works are recognized being genius and many of his plays are among the best literary works of all times. No wonder the personality of William Shakespeare and his creative work are subject to research of many scientists and students learn his works as the integral part of their curriculum. At the same time, students get a lot of writing assignments concerning William Shakespeare and his literary work.

What makes Shakespeare’s literary works so significant for the world literature and readers, even hundreds of years since the author had died?

1. Shakespeare is renowned for his reflections on life that makes his works a great source of moral lessons

William Shakespeare’s works are, to a significant extent, didactic in their nature. The author attempted to send the audience a comprehensible and important message which mirrored his personal views and life philosophy. Remarkably, many of works written by Shakespeare promoted the universal set of values, which are still relevant today. Shakespeare stressed positive treats of character of people and condemned negative ones but he used such a perfect, original literary form to convey his ideas that readers can hardly keep from admiring with his works.

2. Appreciation of life, love, and beauty

Shakespeare’s works raise eternal themes such as life, love, and beauty. Naturally, these themes are still relevant because people keep on living, loving and admiring with beauty. In such a way, contemporary readers share the similar values as Shakespeare and his contemporaries did but, today, there are few, if any, writers who can be as successful as William Shakespeare in his ability to convey very complex themes, such as life or love, in the poetic form. His works are true works of art, whereas his themes affect readers to the bottom of their hearts.

3. Diverse literary works – from poems to essays, novels and plays.

William Shakespeare was not only an extremely prolific writer but also he was extremely diverse writer. His literary works vary consistently. William Shakespeare created works in different styles, genres and forms. In fact, it is hardly possible to find a reader who does not admire some of Shakespeare’s work. For instance, some readers admire Shakespeare’s sonnets, whereas others adore his plays and some readers fond of all works written by William Shakespeare.

However, Shakespeare’s works are not only great masterpieces of English and world literature but also they are very complicated works. Many students face substantial difficulties when they attempt to write about William Shakespeare’s work or critically evaluate them writing their essays on Shakespeare. In fact, problems begin at the stage of reading Shakespeare. If students reading original, not abridged version of Shakespeare’s works, they can face the problem of comprehension because the language used by William Shakespeare is quite different from modern English. As a result, some students just fail to understand his works that make them boring for some students. However, those students who understand Shakespeare’s language cannot help from admiring with his works and his genius.

On understanding the specific language used by Shakespeare, students still may have problems with writing essays on his works because themes raised by the writer and diverse stylistic devices and artistic details are often too complicated for an average students. To tell the truth, even professional literary critics argue concerning symbolic and implicit meaning as well as various stylistic devices used by the author and the message Shakespeare wanted to convey in his works to readers.

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