Proposal Essays

The proposal essay is often written from doctorate students as a part of their graduation criteria. The beginning of a proposal defines the thesis or purpose of their future research. The dissertation proposal must be original and substantial. Usually the dissertation proposal describes how the graduate student plans to use the scientific method as lists the hypothesis. A proposal usually concentrates on precise principles. The proposal tells the plans of the graduate study in doing the dissertation.

The purpose of a proposal essay is to convince reader to take action or approve an idea.

In other words, in such essays the author attempts to convince the reader that a product and idea is the best way to achieve desired result. The proposal essay should be well organized and clearly stated. Usually the essay starts with analyzing a need for the proposal and then it suggests a solution that logically comes up from the writing. The main goal of such essay is to make the reader think the same way the author does.

The primary step in writing a proposal essay of a student is to be sure he is familiar with the topic that the proposal is addressing. He should know the problem, its solution and the best way to solve this problem. Sometimes it can be difficult to make an argument as to why the solution that the student presents is the correct one. Thus, understanding the character of the problem can help the writer in formulating and organizing the future solution. As soon as it is done, the writer should proceed by narrowing down all the options to the one he feels is the best and then only present it to the reader. Knowing and understanding the problem makes it easier for the writer to organize all his thoughts in information in a way the reader can agree with.

The next step in writing this essay is to collect information that will help student in convincing the reader that his proposed solution is the correct one. The writer should check if all elements of the proposed solution are discussed in his paper.

A good proposal essay should be concise, clear and logical. The reader should always clearly understand what the essay proposes. The essay should take the reader from simple understanding the idea and follow to accepting the proposed solution.

The proposal essay should have the following structure:

Introduction usually consists of one paragraph. The writer should include the background information on the problem and the thesis statement, which is the solution to the discussed problem.

The body should include several paragraphs that support the writer's reasons why the proposal is the best solution of the problem. Each proposed reason should be written in separate paragraph and explain why the proposed solution is the best. The body should present research-backed rationale for proposed solution.

The conclusion should restate the problem and sum up the proposed solution. It should be written in different words than in introduction. Conclusion reiterates solution and logical sequence.

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