Business Reports

Business reports are often written similar to research papers but they have more a focus on the business world often focusing on a specific company. Many business reports are actually an analysis of a company. Many business reports use SWOT Analysis. The strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a company are discussed in the report. These reports should have sources with citations in the body of the report. A thesis is a vital part of the report.

Business report is a type of research paper that is focused on the business world or even on one particular company. This report is an information product of a certain company, containing full information on the analysis based on specific parameters. It gives a description of various aspects of the company, to evaluate its place in a particular market segment.

There are several types of business report, but the most common are called standard and comprehensive report. The standard report has a simple fixed form and often looks like a table that presents the specified parameters. A comprehensive report combines a large number of facts and factors, makes their comparison and analysis, statistical prediction.

Reports can have some exact specialization. For example, the industry business reports are made on any company belonging to a particular industry. And the data for such report should be chosen according the industry positions. In addition, a business report can have a definite geographical limit and be made, for example, only for the USA, Europe, etc.

Business Report that is specialized on industry includes the following information: an overview of the country, financial - economic conditions, particularly the execution of entrepreneurial activity, a brief overview of the industry, which is analyzed and the information - analytical situation of the economy in the country. For simplicity and greater accessibility the United States adopted nine standards: content, terminology, general requirements of business assessment, method of evaluation of similar companies, assessment of the company’s assets or business in general, focus on the world market, business income assessment, the final cost and the adjustment of financial statements.

The report contains data about the facts and activities that have been already implemented. This information is necessary for understanding the business and its proper evaluation. It should carefully present the information about such variables as bonuses or different discounts. In this case, the supporting evidence should be carefully checked and analyzed.

So, a good business report should provide the information about the company, its legal form, market segment in which it operates, as well as its assets. Most business reports use SWOT Analysis and discuss the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of specific company. They also inform about company’s products or services, markets, consumers, tangible and intangible assets, systematic outlook of the economy in general, industries and companies, seasonality and cyclical nature of business, data on previous transactions. Business report should be based on some database or a number of reliable sources, for example Internet, media, manuals, and official data of tax offices or other. Such reports should have sources with citations in the body and have a clear thesis.

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