Creative Essays

A creative essay is written to show one’s creativity. When you consider it all essays are creative in the way the student takes the information and forms the essay. However, this type of essay usually describes the imagination of the writer. These essays are often assigned by the teacher to get to know the student.

A creative essay is a kind of writing, meant to show one’s creativity and express personal point of view. It is one of the most common tasks students get at school or college. Certainly all types of essays can be considered creative in some way, as students take information and write the essay. Nevertheless creative essay usually emphasizes the imagination of the writer, the ability to express his thoughts. Such essays are usually assigned by the teacher to get to know the student better.

The creative essay expresses personal experiences and views on a particular situation or issue, and does not pretend to have exhaustive or decisive interpretation of the subject. As a rule, the creative essay suggests a new, subjective opinion about something and may have a philosophical, historical, biographical, journalistic, literary criticism, popular science, fictional or other character.

Students often write creative essays on the topics given by their teachers or they can offer their own topics. The purpose of writing creative essay is to develop skills of independent creative thinking and written statement of student’s own thoughts. Writing essays is extremely useful because it allows the author to learn how to formulate ideas clearly and correctly, how to organize and structure information, use the basic categories of analysis, provide a causal connection, illustrating concepts with appropriate examples, advance arguments, and learn to use scientific style of writing.

The creative essay should contain:

- a clear statement of given problem;

- the personal analysis of the problem that are done using the concepts and analytical tools within the observed discipline;

- the conclusions that generalize the author's position concerning the issue.

Depending on the specific form of subject the essays can be significantly differentiated. In some cases this may be an analysis of available statistical data on the investigated problem, or the analysis of materials from the media and the use of available models, or a detailed analysis of the proposed tasks with expanded views, or the selection and detailed analysis of examples to illustrate the problem, etc.

So, the aim of creative essays is to make students to use the imagination while writing about some topic. The best thing for a student while writing creative essay is to write on the topic that is interesting for him, that makes his mind create ideas easily. The experience in writing creative essays will help student in his further life, developing other important skills.

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