Persuasive Essays

Persuasive writing can be defined as a creative essay designed to convince the reader that his/her point of view is right. The topic chosen must have more than one side to the issue. Research the topic producing evidence for position taken. An introductory paragraph should state the thesis of the paper. The body of the paper needs at least three or more main points. Provide evidence of the main points with statistics, quotes, and examples. The last step is the conclusion that wraps up the paper restating the thesis.

A persuasive writing is a short commentary written to persuade the reader. Persuasive essay usually has five paragraphs that present the position of the writer in a persuasive manner.

At college or university, the persuasive paper is used to show the student's writing skills and how well he understands the topic. The persuasive essay can be also used in a real world in a form of job application, sales letter of a presentation.

The common structure of the persuasive essay consists of a title, thesis statement, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. Here is a more detailed description of each part:

1. Title should be straightforward. The writer should present the topic he is writing about. It is better to be a little descriptive in this part and give a brief overview of what will be discussed in the body.

2. Thesis Statement should tell about the writer is trying to convince his readers of. Sometimes it is worth making the thesis statement a little bit controversial in order to involve the reader emotionally. It is important not to overdo here. The writer shouldn't take an extremist point of view, as he risks alienating his audience.

3. Supporting Paragraphs make the main part of the essay. Usually a persuasive essay has minimum three supporting paragraphs. The Writer should start each paragraph of this part with a statement that supports his main thesis. There should be given facts or testimonials from well known sources. The main is to remember that a fact is not debatable. The writer makes statements what are emotional interpretations of these facts to convince the audience.

4. Conclusion is the last part of a persuasive essay. It is very important to make the right conclusion, because making a mistake in it means making all effort down the drain. The writer's conclusion should sound like a call to action. The essay should make the reader agree with the author. In this part, there is a need to remind the audience of what the essay thesis is together with supporting facts.

Persuasive essay is very similar to argumentative, as it utilizes logic and reason to prove that one idea is more legitimate than another idea. It tries to make a reader to take a certain point of view or to make a particular action. The argument of the persuasive writing should always present reasoning and solid evidence by giving stating facts, logical reasons, providing examples, and quoting experts.

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