Charles Chaplin “Modern Times”

Charles Chaplin is probably the most outstanding actor of all times. His contribution into cinematography can be hardly underestimated. To prove his talent it is simply necessary to watch one of his films, such as “Modern Times”.
In fact it is a very interesting film to watch. At first glance it seems to be just a film to watch, to laugh and to enjoy. There are a lot of episodes we laugh at even now, despite the fact that decades have already passed since the film was shot. For instance, the conveyer belt and nut turning, the feeding machine, the roller skating ballet are particularly noteworthy episodes as well as many other that we may see in this film.
However, on deeper reflections, it gets to be clear that it is rather a comedy presented by a man with a tragic fate. It is obvious that the film depicts a little, insignificant man who is trapped in the new industrialized society who fights for better future against the society where he seems to be alien. This film reveals us the extent to which the technological achievements, bureaucracy, the economic depression influenced ordinary people such as the character of Charles Chaplin. In fact, this makes me think about the life of an ordinary individual, who is ready to face the problems of modern society, of modern times with a smile on his face and the final episode only enforces such an impression when Charles Chaplin reminds his companion Paulette Godard that she should keep smiling and they walk together into an unpredictable future.
In conclusion, it is possible say that it is a very thought provoking film, regardless its superficial simplicity. It provokes different feelings, which are often controversial but it can hardly leave any viewer indifferent to what he/she sees on the screen.

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