1. Advantages and disadvantages about the Contrarians
2. The start of the Contrarian movement and its perspectives
3. Examples of the Contrarians’ opposition
4. Contrarians approach to the modern technological world
5. Recommendations to Contrarians
6. Bibliography

Advantages and disadvantages about the Contrarians
Speaking about advantages and disadvantages that Contrarians possess, it is necessary to underline that they should be treated in a wider terms than that of financial market ones. Naturally there may be singled out advantages and disadvantages. However, all of them based on the basic principle of Contrarian’s views, i.e. on opposition to the general line. Consequently, such a position provide them in a different opinion from others, it means they have their own individual vision of the situation that is obviously positive. It also provides them with a certain degree of objectivity because they do not agree with the general line and can perceive the real situation regardless the common view which may be erroneous. Their position is also a source of critical thinking, which is so important in the contemporary world that is permanently changing. Furthermore, they are characterized by the uniqueness of their position that increases their social and economic value as the main source of competitiveness to the general line. Finally, in philosophical terms they are a sort of stimulus for their opponents which, attempting to overcome the Contrarians’ opposition, progress.
As for disadvantages some of them may be draw from the advantages listed, since in fact some of them have the other side. For instance, the objectivity of Contrarians, being potentially higher compared to the general opinion, is still not absolute for in real life objectivity cannot be absolute. Consequently a certain degree of subjectivity is still present and their objectivity may be fairly criticized though not in such a high degree as the position of the majority. Furthermore their opposition to the general line may be also erroneous because, in financial markets their opponents may have quite a positive impact on economy as well. They also have a weak position because they do not promote it as a perspective alternative to the general line. Finally, they are condemned to remain in a permanent minority since the entity of the movement is very specific and in financial terms it is probably less attractive than the position of their opponents. Consequently they would hardly be in a majority at least in the nearest time.
The start of the Contrarian movement and its perspectives
In fact, it is possible to say the Contrarian movement in its proper financial sense has appeared as soon as financial market appeared. Bearishness was a natural response to bullishness since it was a natural demand of the market. Later on the movement progressed, especially after the World War II and nowadays it still exist and progress.
However, the perspectives of Contrarians are not quite clear since it is a commonly accepted belief that the contemporary financial markets are the markets where Contrarians are always in a worse position and have little perspectives. As a result they would probably lose their positions. But probably it is necessary to be a bit a Contrarian to think otherwise, especially, if one concerns the phenomenon larger as a philosophical movement. In such a situation it may find its places and be an alterative to other philosophical movements that overwhelmed the contemporary world.
Examples of the Contrarians’ opposition
Within any financial market there are Contrarians. They are characterized by their opposition to the general line that finds its expression in their preferences of a negative trend, i.e. while their opponents tends to rise prices of stocks, for instance, Contrairans would low it. However, their position is not simply negative. In fact they simply tend to be in opposition to the general line and they may prefer not only negative but positive trend as well only if it is in opposition to the general line.
Consequently it possible to speak about the opposition in different spheres of life as the position of Contrarians, for instance in politics it may be the opposition to a government. In social life, it may be any kind of opposition, for instance some social protest or, what is worse, it may be even crimes.
Contrarians approach to the modern technological world
The Contrarians views on technological development are in a way similar to the views of New Humanists. It means, being in an opposition to the general view, they have to look for alternatives to technological progress and transforming human society in materialistic community that is in fact a slave of the technological progress deprived of individuality and spiritual richness. Consequently it is obvious that Contrarians would rather prefer spiritual development of each individual and the society at large rather than rapid technological development.
Recommendations to Contrarians
In practical terms Contrarians have to promote their position if they want to remain within financial markets and expand their influence as a socio-political or philosophical movements. It may be done through different educational or training programs, which prepare people to take risks in financial market and stay in opposition. In socio-political life it is possible to recommend to invest money, accumulated in financial markets, in the development of some political movement or even a party. In order to become closer to the public they should organize a series of advertising campaign that would promote their views.

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