Dangerous Beauty

“Dangerous Beauty” is a movie that has not become extremely popular but, nonetheless, it is worthy to watch. On watching this movie one can hardly remain indifferent to what he/she has seen because the creators of the movie managed to make it interesting for wide audience. This is why “Dangerous Beauty” is interesting to watch for different audiences, from fans of soap operas to intellectuals.
Probably, one of the most significant thing that should be told about this movies is the fact that it is rather difficult to forget it just after the end of the movie. In fact it is possible to think hours and even days about “Dangerous Beauty”.
At first glance, the movie attracts audience by its perfect costumes, settings, and decorations. Even the slightest details in actors’ costumes contribute to the understanding of the epoch, country and people where the action of the movie takes place. Actually, it seems as if a viewer returns to Italy in the 16th century. Furthermore, actors and actresses play their roles rather well and enforce significantly the first impression produced by costumes, decorations, and settings.
At the same time, the movie provokes a viewer to think over problems which were particularly serious in the Middle Age Europe and, to a certain extent, still remain relevant. Obviously, the story of the main character, Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack), who is forced to be a courtesan, cannot fail to clearly depict the position of women of that epoch. In fact she is forced to lead such a life because she actually has a little choice to make and the society provides her with a low position that cannot be changed. The latter in fact is the main reason why she cannot marry the man she loves. In such a way, social differences become an insurmountable obstacle on the way of the main character to happiness. In all probability, this theme will remain relevant for a long time though, fortunately nowadays it is not so obvious.
Nonetheless, the film is extremely interesting and its lack of popularity may be just a result of certain prejudices since the main character is a prostitute in fact but it does not really make “Dangerous Beauty” dangerous for viewers. On the contrary, it is really worthy to watch this movie.

1. Dangerous Beauty. 1998.

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