Descriptive Essay

I met this woman near a shop, where she probably has been waiting for someone since she often looked around as if she was looking for someone. This was a woman at her early thirties. She impressed me with her optimistic and happy appearance. She seemed a very active and energetic woman who apparently led an active lifestyle. She was in a good physical form, at any rate, she did not have any problems with her weight or any other problems like that. Instead, she personified vividness and apparently possessed some hidden, internal power.
At first, I was a bit surprised to see this happy-looking woman that was standing near a shop in such a gloomy day. In fact, the weather was far from perfect, it was about raining, clouds hided the sun, and my mood naturally corresponded to the gloomy environment. This is probably why I was practically struck when I saw this woman. Her radian smile revealed purple teeth and, in such a way, she practically invited to share her happiness or joy. Obviously, she does not care about the cloudy sky, wind that was strong enough to make me feel uncomfortable standing in a street so I would hardly be able to stand there and wait for someone without any serious reason, which this woman apparently had.
In fact, you should just have a look in her dark eyes that simply sparkled with some internal power and happiness. It is at this moment when I thought that eyes may be a mirror of our soul since I could read the current mood of this woman and even some traits of her character just watching in her eyes. She had large dark eyes that could have hypnotize everyone with the internal strength and high spirit of this woman. It seemed as if there were two stars hidden somewhere in the depth of her eyes and their bright light made her face full of joy and happiness.
She paid little attention to her surrounding, to all those passer-bys many of which, including me, were in a very good mood because I, in person, expected that a stormy weather was coming up soon that affected my mood a lot and this is why I was so impressed when I saw this woman which did not share my mood at all and paid little attention to the weather as well as to people that passed by her. Unlike all the others she was not in a hurry, though she regularly looked at her watches but her radiant appearance convinced me that she is just waiting for some encounter which was important to her but which could hardly change her optimism which was obvious not only in her eyes and smile but in her gestures and movements.
She was one of those people which are always in a good mood whatever happens in their life. Her gestures were the gestures of a woman convinced in her own power, strengths and ability to overcome all the difficulties she might have ever met in her life. Her gestures were accurate and energetic but not too much, otherwise, she would look as if she was a bit nervous. Instead, her movements resembled some perfectly working mechanism every movement of which was programmed and nothing was made purposelessly.
At the same time, on her right hand she had a wonderful bracelet that folded around her arm as a noble snake and which was an evidence of her good taste since the bracelet was perfectly made and its light perfectly emphasized her swarthy skin. What is more, she wore this bracelet so naturally that it rather looked like a part of her than just a decoration. This bracelet was actually executed in the same style as her watches that was an evidence of her good taste.
In such a way, as I looked at this woman, I had realized that she is a really strong, self-assured personality, which pay little attention to the surrounding world and its problems and, instead, she prefers to create the world of her own where she decides how to behave and what to do, according to her mood, which, by the way, was practically perfect and, in general, this joyful and happy woman was like a bright of light that blinded me for a second on that gloomy and windy day while it was hardly possible to fail to share her optimism.

Focusing lines:
traits of character.

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