Developing a Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies are very important for successful business development of a company. This is why it is necessary to choose a proper strategy in order to achieve positive results.
In our case, I have chosen the new car developed by GM as a subject to apply an effective marketing strategy. In fact it should be said that in order to choose the best strategy it is necessary to properly understand the goals of the company and the goals it faces in introducing a new product.
Since GM is a well-known brand than the marketing strategy should aim at the promotion of the product in possibly wider markets. At this respect, among the varieties of strategies, the most effective seems to be the horizontal integration. In all probability this strategy would be the most successful since it implies the promotion and introduction of the new product, i.e. the new car developed by GM in many markets. It is obvious that GM has a strong basis for successful implementation of this strategy since it is widely represented in many countries of the world and the company has not only its plants in various countries throughout the world but the marketing well developed net as well that makes sells of the new car quite easy but naturally on the condition of the proper promotion of the product.
Consequently on introducing the new car GM has to provide different markets where the company is represented with sufficient amount of the cars and organize an effective advertising campaign in order to promote the new car in the markets. Finally it would be highly recommendable to enter new markets along with old ones.

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