Ecological crisis

Nowadays, mankind faces a very serious problem of a profound ecological crisis. In fact the situation is really dangerous because the environment is getting to be more and more polluted and there remain little room on the Earth, which sustain original purity.
Basically, such a situation is provoked by activity of human beings which actually led to unprecedented pollution of the environment. However, it is hardly possible to agree with those like Ludwig Feuerbach who stand on the ground that the pollution of the environment is caused by human indifference to their present life on the Earth, which is enforced by religious beliefs, including Christianity.
In fact it should be said that Christianity really puts the life after death on the first place and minimize materialistic values of the real world. It is exactly this eager interest in the life after death that makes philosophers like Feuerbach believe that Christians the real world, including nature, have no interests for them.
Obviously, this statement is wrong because Christians have never attempted to ruin the civilization. Moreover, Christianity underlined the necessity to live in harmony with the surrounding world. On the other hand, it is not ‘indifferent’ Christians that stimulated the pollution but, in stark contrast, it is convinced materialists aimed at the enrichment, material prosperity, etc. put all their efforts on achievement these goals regardless environmental pollution.
Thus, it is possible to conclude that materialistic principles, which reject traditional Christian principles that deny greed, dominance of materialistic interests over spiritual, etc., gradually ruin environment and produce a great harm to the nature.

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