Evaluation and Phonics

Evaluation is an important component of the study process. Evaluation helps teachers to measure pupils’ progress and increases motivation for pupils. The author of the Evaluation gives tips and advices which can help teacher to deal with these problem. As states the author it is necessary to remember that different children require different approaches since they have different skills developed : “the children are clearly beginning readers, yet they are able to use their developing comprehension skills in sophisticated ways” (Evaluation). The author also states that evaluation is important because it helps to develop tasks and challenges of adequate difficulty, which would fit the needs of the pupils. After appropriate evaluation: “Small groups may need additional instruction, modeling, and practice making relevant connections, sounding out words, or working with vocabulary development. Or a small group may need to challenge themselves by choosing more sophisticated texts, applying a strategy in a new genre, or sharing their thinking and learning with others” (Evaluation). Work in small groups can help the teacher to use individual approach which corresponds to the basic needs of different pupils. It is necessary that students know all evaluation requirements.
Evaluation of listening skills is more difficult in comparison to reading and writing skills evaluation. Teaching comprehension assumes special strategies which may help teacher to teach pupils this skill. The author shares strategies which may be helpful in teaching comprehension. As states the author: “Explicit instruction, modeling, reading high-quality literature and children’s writing, and giving children time to practice real reading and writing are the cornerstones of my teaching” (Phonics). Interesting content and creative approach can make pupils interested and motivated in learning new words and trying to comprehend them. Teacher’s skills are very important and good advices gives in the Phonics chapters may be really helpful for this purpose.

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What About Phonics and Word Identification?

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