High Divorce Rate in America

Nowadays, divorce is one of the most serious social problems that American society is currently facing. In actuality the divorce rate is constantly growing and in present days it is extremely high this is why it is extremely important to find out the main factors contributing to the growth of the divorce rate and possible solutions of the problem.
First of all, it is necessary to briefly describe the current situation in the US. In this respect, it should be said that nowadays the divorce rate is unparallel and according to specialists (Levinger, Cherlin) it has already over passed 50%. Obviously, such a high level indicates at the fact that the problem of divorce is really serious and some solution of this problem is needed because divorce plays a very significant role in the life of society, family and each individual. To put it more precisely, in the social scale, the high divorce rate deteriorates dramatically the demographic situation within the country since often it prevents people from bearing children. This is why nowadays it is practically a norm when there is only one children in a family and the main reason is divorce because it makes family an extremely unstable institution.
Furthermore, families also are often ruined by divorces because children are simply separated from one of the parents and cannot communicate normally as they could do if their parents were still married. Naturally, such a situation causes a number of personal problems of children as well as parents. These problems are basically of psychological character but still they deteriorate the life of people.

At the same time, it should be pointed out that divorce rate may vary depending on the region, level of income, race, religious beliefs, or lack of them, etc. For instance, it is noteworthy that the Bible Belt states have some of the highest divorce rate in the US (Belli and Krantzler 2000). Also, families which income is lower than $25,000 are more likely to divorce within ten years of marriage, regardless region, religious beliefs, etc. compared to couples with higher income (Emery 1998). As for the difference in the divorce rate by race, it should be pointed out that for white population the rate is 9,8%, 11,3% for African-Americans, and 7,6% for Hispanics (Thompson 2002).
On analysing, the statistical data, it is possible to make certain conclusions as for the main causes of divorces. In this respect, it is necessary to take into consideration such a factor as the period of time people are married because the longer a couple is married the less likelihood that it will end in divorce. Nonetheless, there are still some factors that influence the divorce rate. To put it more precisely, there are several factors. One of them is the level of income, which is very important factor that influences the divorce rate. For instance, an annual household income over $50,000 cannot certainly prevent a couple from divorce but it may reduce its probability by 30% (Wallerstein 2001).
Furthermore, children are also a very important factor that both parents traditionally take into consideration when they take a decision concerning divorce. For instance, if a couple has a baby seven months or more after marriage it will decrease its chances to divorce by 24% (Levinger 1999). Also a very important role in the increase of divorce rate plays socio-economic instability. It is also necessary to take into consideration the level of income of spouses, since the higher income of a wife decrease the probability of divorce, as well as it is necessary to remember about cultural and educational level of spouses, their job, way of life, and many other factors.
As a result, it is possible to suggest certain solutions of the problem of high divorce rate. It is obvious that one of the most crucial factors contributing to the high divorce rate is socio-economic situation which obviously has to be improved, especially for those categories which are at the highest risk of divorce. In such a situation the higher divorce rate in African-American families than in white families is also basically caused by socio-economic differences between these racial groups. Naturally, it is impossible to force couple to remain married with socio-economic tools only. This is why it is very important to pay a particular attention to cultural and moral education of people with the help of some cultural or educational program. Anyway, people should come psychologically prepared to the decision to marry. Probably, it worth to organize some psychological courses for couples that are going to marry. In fact, it is even possible to borrow the experience of the preparation of parents to bearing children to the decision to marry or divorce.
Thus, in conclusion, it is possible to say that, despite the complexity of the problem, the growth of the divorce rate in America should be stopped and possibly decreased. Naturally, it is difficult to do but the solutions of the problem may be and have to be found.

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