Literature Review

Parental involvement into pediatric hospital care and interaction of parents with hospital staff are issues that are currently discussed by many specialists. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the article by Britt Marie Ygge and Judith E. Arnetz in which the authors amply discuss the involvement of parents in hospital care. Basically, the researchers underline that the participation of parents in hospital care can affect the state of chronically ill children. At the same time, the authors raise the problem regarding the perspective of making parents involvement more effective in hospital care since, being uncontrolled and unregulated, parents involvement may be harmful to chidlren’s health, while, in contrast, being under control and agreement with medical staff, this involvement may produce a positive effect, though, it is worthy of noting that this problem still needs further researches.
At the same time, the problem of interaction of parents and hospital staff is another problem that needs further researches. It is possible to refer to researches by B.M. Ygge, C. Lindholm, and J. Arnetz, concerning hospital staff perception of parental involvement, and by H.J.E. Espezel and C.J. Canam, concerning parents-nurses interaction. Both researches are related to one and the same problem of interactions of parents and hospital parents in cases of parental involvement. Basically, the researchers conclude that the interaction of parents and hospital staff may be really effective but it still lacks cooperation from the part of healthcare professionals, though in some cases, such as in interaction of oncology staff and parents, the parental involvement may be appreciated by hospital staff. This is why this problem also need to be researched in depth.
Finally, I. Kristenssen-Hallstrom and G. Ellander raise another important problem concerning the apprehensions of parents in relation to hospitalization of their children. The researches attempt to find the most effective strategies to make parents secure while their children are hospitalized. Even though the authors defined several strategies, obviously, it will be possible to find more strategies if further researches are conducted.

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