Reflection on Third Letter: I Came into the Teacher Training Program Because I Had No Other Option

“Third Letter: I Came into the Teacher Training Program Because I Had No Other Option” raises an extremely important problem of the modern education, the problem of teachers’ motivation and their role in the contemporary society. In fact, the author underlines that many teachers have come into the teacher training programs because they either did not have any other more perspective options where they could apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities, or, what is simply cynic, they chose this programs while ‘waiting for marriage’.
Naturally, it is hardly possible to disagree with the author that such teachers are absolutely unmotivated and, obviously, they cannot be really good professionals who are focused on teaching as the profession in which they can realize themselves and be helpful to other people. However, as the author justly points out, the roots of such a low motivation or, to put it more precisely, the lack of it may be found in the low prestige of the profession of a teacher.
In actuality, it is not a secret that the financial motivation of teachers is extremely low, while their role in society, their contribution to educating new generations and, thus, further social progress, remain practically ignored and not rewarded, at least financially. As a result, the situation in the modern education is really threatening because of the lack of really motivated professionals keen on education.
In such a situation, it is quite natural that the author appeals to the political struggle of teachers for their rights and improvement of their position both economic and social in order to gain the deserved respect of society and be properly rewarded for their hard work, but the problem is that often there are no historical traditions of honoring of teachers. This is why, according to the author, teachers should not wait while some political party decides to use them in their political goals promising the improvement of teachers’ life and conditions of work but, instead, launch their own struggle on the basis of postmodern agenda. At the same time, it is necessary to thoroughly control the current political forces that are in power at the present moment in order to force to improve the position of teachers.
Unquestionably, the problems raised in this chapter are of a paramount importance to professional educators since they help better understand the current situation and the causes of the existing problems in education which are, to a significant extent, provoked by the lack of professionalism of teachers who have practically no motivation and their work is based on enthusiasm only.
At the same time, it is even more important to teachers to listen to the advice given by the author since teachers should realize their social role, their significance, as well as the fact that they should not be passive in the political life of the society they live in. Instead, the organized political struggle of teachers may be a really effective tool that can help improve their social position and professional life.

1. Third Letter: I Came into the Teacher Training Program Because I Had No Other Option

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