Reflection Paper on Science, Religion and Education

The article “Science, Religion and Education” raises an extremely important problem of the correlation of science and religion and their implementation in curriculum. In fact, this problem is not new and rather reflects the current situation than poses some new problems. At the same time, it is necessary to agree that the view the author’s views the problem of correlation of science and religion in relation to education is quite original and noteworthy.
First of all, it should be said that the author reasonably argues that nowadays there exists a strong opposition between science and religion and such the opposition influences dramatically the sphere of education which is actually based on scientific views. This leads to the situation when religions are studied only in historical terms while the current religious doctrines, beliefs, philosophies are practically ignored because of the dominance of science in education.
The author underlines that there are four possible relationships between science and religion in education that vary from the conflicts between religion and science when either the former or the latter is considered to be the only absolute truth to the independent relationship between the two or even their integration when science and religion mutually enrich each other.
Obviously, it is necessary to agree with the author that religions cannot be ignored in the process of education but they should be rather viewed critically. This article is really useful for educators since it provides the opportunity to start finding the possibly most efficient relationship between religion and science and the idea of their integration is quite noteworthy since the role of religions in moral and ethical education can hardly be underestimated.

1. Nord, W. A. “Science, Religion, and Education”, Phi Delta Kappan, Sep. 1999, v81 i1 p28.

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